ZEISS at the Ceramics Expo 2021

Cleveland, Ohio, USA | August 30 - September 1, 2021 | Booth #616

One thing that remains consistent this year is finding ways to continue research in our ever-changing working environments.

ZEISS is your partner to help you find your next breakthrough and is delivering new innovations to support you. Spend some time in our booth and learn about what’s new and sign up for a live remote demo with our product experts.

3D grain map of a SrTiO3 sample with side length of 0.8 mm. Sample scanned using helical phyllotaxis scheme. Sample courtesy of Prof. Amanda Krause, University of Florida, USA.

ZEISS Crossbeam laser

Integrated laserFIB workflows for massive
material ablation

ZEISS Smartproof 5

Widefield confocal microscope for surface analysis in quality assurance and quality control

ZEISS Smartzoom 5

Smart digital microscope ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry

ZEISS Xradia Versa X-ray Microscope

High resolution 3D imaging for characterization
and in situ studies of intact samples

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