Multi-scale 3D Materials Analysis Using FIB-SEM Workflows

New materials and technological advances are being developed at rates faster than ever before. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a surge of new and revolutionary capabilities in applications as diverse as self-driving cars to “virtual testing”, and the emergence of new microscopy techniques is driving new correlated workflows enabling faster insights across diverse applications, from biological sciences to materials characterization to semiconductor failure analysis.

This talk will show a variety of application examples across different research and industry segments benefitting from new and emerging correlated microscopy workflows, where FIB-SEM plays a pivotal role to enable implementation of new microscopy techniques through its dual versatility as an advanced sample preparation tool and high-resolution imaging instrument. These examples include a) a correlated 3D X-ray and FIB-SEM workflow to aid in the development and maturation of ‘virtual testing’ pipelines through creation of true Virtual Twins that that will accelerate materials discovery, b) a correlated workflow enabling new insights into catalysts through TEM analysis, and c) a correlated workflow to enable biological insights through nanoscale X-ray analysis. These correlative microscopy examples demonstrate the versatility and importance of FIB-SEM in these emerging workflows, as well as how better insights into important academic and industrial questions are being enabled.