Wednesday, November 17 | 11:00 am - 11:30 am

Cell Census to Synapse- Capture the big picture and the details with the Axio Observer 7

Colleen Manning

Product Marketing Manager
Widefield A and Automation
Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC


See intelligent microscopy in action. Watch how easily AI Sample Finder detects and calibrates the slide, then finds and focuses on your sample, all without bleaching. Transition into seamless, artifact-free tiling using multiband pass- filters and the gentle LED colibri 7; capturing global expression patterns across the brain. Navigate the slide and section with Zen Connect finding areas to examine synaptic expression at high magnification using the apotome 3. Finish it off with BioApp protein expression-based cell counting with just a few clicks.
  • AISF- Damage free, label free and hands-free detection, calibration and focusing of the sample
  • Colibri 7- Fast switching gentle LED light source
  • ZEN Connect- Catalog and navigate all the samples and images on a slide even across different microscopes
  • Apotome 3- Confocal like images without the confocal
  • BioApps- Straight forward cell counting based on protein expression