ZEISS at Society of Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics 2022
Boston, MA | Booth #2

September 18-20, 2022

Microscopy has been a powerful tool within life science research ever since its inception. That power increased exponentially when microscopy was paired with digitalization via the personal computer, moving into what we now associate with “modern-day imaging”. More and more, scientists have turned to imaging cells and tissues to study biology in a more native state. In 2022, we find ourselves in the midst of a sea change wherein automated imaging and cell-based assays are replacing the biochemical workhorse assays of yesterday (e.g. ELISA, western blot, etc.). The sheer amount of biologically relevant data that can be extracted from cellular imaging and multiplexed tissue analysis is immense. That’s why microscopy paired with automated workflows harnessing AI + Deep Learning analysis models is leading the way towards a brighter future for research & development that will facilitate tomorrow’s breakthroughs in personalized, predictive medicine.

Whether you’re investigating intricate and novel biological mechanisms or trying to scan as many plates as possible in a simple 3-color HCS assay, ZEISS has a solution that can meet your requirements. ZEISS offers a comprehensive portfolio to suit any microscopy need across the R&D spectrum, delivering high-quality, reproduceable, quantitative results for some of today’s most innovative workflows like those involving 3D organoids, co-culture assays, spatial-omics and single-molecule microscopy.

But ZEISS understands high-quality imaging is only half the equation of today’s most challenging, multiplexed, data rich assays. That’s why we’ve brought AI and Deep Learning together under a complete digital ecosystem for automated image segmentation + analysis with Arivis and APEER by ZEISS. Powerful, flexible, and customizable analysis pipelines that can be tailored to any imaging workflow, with the ability to handle very large data sets like those involving 3D imaging and multiplexed spatial-omics.

ZEISS is helping researchers accelerate R&D timelines and decrease time to decision so they can boost efficiency and focus on what’s most important – making scientific decisions based upon quality, dependable data.

Help us understand your research so we can find a solution that fits your needs:

  • Are throughput bottlenecks currently limiting your research?
  • Do you need high-resolution imaging on a budget?
  • Do you need help analyzing complex workflows and developing dedicated image analysis pipelines?
  • Do you need high-throughput slide scanning in as many channels as possible?
  •  Do you need super-resolution to see the finest details in subcellular structures?
  • Do you need to image as many channels as possible in 3D?

Wherever your interests lie, ZEISS is here to partner with you so you can forge a path into the future with your research.

Visit ZEISS during Society of Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics 2022


Visit our ZEISS booth #2 during Society of Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics in Boston, MA to discuss your application needs with a ZEISS representative, learn about what's new, and sign up for a live remote demo with our product experts.

You can also attend ZEISS talks during the show:

  • Education Day - Sept. 18, 2022 | 2-3 pm | Microscopy: Advancements in Applications Session: A Complete Spatial Omics Workflow with ZEISS's Expanded Spectral Multiplexing Solutions - 2D to 3D to Analysis
  • Main Spotlight Session - Sept. 19, 2022 | 12:45-1 pm: Brief discussion on Automated Image Capture, Segmentation & Analysis of 3D Organoids using Machine-learning Techniques

Going to be in Boston for SBI2?

ZEISS will also be at Spatial Biology US: In Person, September 15-16, 2022.

Virtually tour the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center

The ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center gives academic and industry customers across North America both in-person and virtual opportunities to interact with the latest ZEISS electron, light, and X-ray microscopes. Part of the ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions business, the Customer Center is supported by resident application experts in life science, materials research, and electronics who review customers' requirements and applications to provide them with the best possible solutions. Customers also have access to a sophisticated sample preparation laboratory that supports the life science, materials research, and electronics markets.