AIM Workshop

January 18 - 20, 2022

One thing that remains consistent this year is finding ways to continue research in our ever-changing working environments.

ZEISS is your partner to help you find your next breakthrough and is delivering new innovations to support you. Spend some time and learn about what’s new in our virtual booth, attend one of our webinars, and even sign up for a live remote demo with our product experts based at our ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center.

ZEISS Presentations

Tuesday, January 18
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm PST

Expand Your Spectral Palette - Multiplexing with ZEISS
Colleen Manning and Samantha Fore, ZEISS

Wednesday, January 19
12:40 pm - 1:30 pm PST

ZEISS Lightsheet solutions: streamline your experiments from subcellular dynamics to cleared tissue
Courtney Akitake and Renée Dalrymple, ZEISS

Wednesday, January 19
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm PST

Push the limits of resolution with ZEISS LSM Plus and SIM2
Samantha Fore and Renée Dalrymple, ZEISS

Long-term Volumetric Imaging of Living Cells

Your High-performance Slide Scanner for Fluorescence, Brightfield and Polarization

Your Live Imaging System with Unprecedented Resolution

Your Light Sheet Microscope for Multiview Imaging of Living and Cleared Specimens

Virtually tour the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center

The ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center gives academic and industry customers across North America both in-person and virtual opportunities to interact with the latest ZEISS electron, light, and X-ray microscopes. Part of the ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions business, the Customer Center is supported by resident application experts in life science, materials research, and electronics who review customers' requirements and applications to provide them with the best possible solutions. Customers also have access to a sophisticated sample preparation laboratory that supports the materials research, electronics and life science markets.