TMS 2022 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

February 27 - March 3, 2022
Anaheim, California
Booth #603

One thing that remains consistent this year is finding ways to continue research in our ever-changing working environments.

ZEISS will be showcasing a new interactive display wall that celebrates researchers’ breakthroughs in materials research. The wall features an interactive touch screen display that highlights multiple researchers from around the world and their breakthroughs in high visual detail.

ZEISS is your partner to help you find your next breakthrough and is delivering new microscopy innovations to support you. Spend some time in our booth and learn about what’s new and sign up for a live remote demo with our product experts based at our ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center.

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Date & Time



Monday, February 28
8:55 am

Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticles on a Non-conductive Perovskite Catalyst through Tailored Imaging Conditions in Scanning Electron Microscopy
Maadhav Kothari

Anaheim Convention Center 207B

Monday, February 28
9:15 am

The Needle in the Haystack: The Role of New Advances in Correlative Light, Electron, Ion Beam and X-ray Microscopy in Finding, Imaging and Understanding Ever Fewer and Smaller Inclusions and Features in Steel
Andy Holwell

Anaheim Convention Center 207B

Monday, February 28
2:45 pm

Interpreting X-ray Absorption and Diffraction Contrast for Massive Non-destructive 3D Crystallographic Mapping of Metals in Laboratory CT
Andy Holwell

Anaheim Convention Center 207B

Monday, February 28
4:30 pm

Examining Hot Corrosion Crack Tip Arrest through Advanced Microscopy Analysis of Ni-superalloy CMSX-4
Maadhav Kothari

Anaheim Convention Center 206B

Thursday, March 3
9:50 am

Super-fast Fabrication of Micropillar Arrays Using Laser FIB Combination for More Statistically Relevant Micropillar Compression Tests
Fang Zhou

Anaheim Convention Center 206B

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