Going 3D: X-ray Microscopy in Shared-Use Research Facilities​

A 4-part series to explore the scientific opportunities and increasing adoption of high resolution 3D X-ray microscopy within multi-user shared-instrument research facilities.​

Follow this series to learn:​

  • How X-ray microscopy is filling critical 3D characterization needs in numerous research fields​
  • Opportunities for knowledge-sharing among an emerging network of XRM users​
  • Key financial and logistical considerations of bringing X-ray microscopy into your shared facility​
  • The impact of XRM on research output via a strong peer-reviewed publication track record​

Part 1 of 4: Science Needs 3D Characterization​

Explore the 360° image below and interact with the different application examples.

AdobeStock_239975301_PreviewSnap Content

Coming Soon: Part 2 of 4: Join a Thriving XRM Community​

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