Going 3D: X-ray Microscopy in Shared-Use Research Facilities​

A 4-part series to explore the scientific opportunities and increasing adoption of high resolution 3D X-ray microscopy within multi-user shared-instrument research facilities.​

Follow this series to learn:​

  • How X-ray microscopy is filling critical 3D characterization needs in numerous research fields​
  • Opportunities for knowledge-sharing among an emerging network of XRM users​
  • Key financial and logistical considerations of bringing X-ray microscopy into your shared facility​
  • The impact of XRM on research output via a strong peer-reviewed publication track record​

Part 1 of 4: Science Needs 3D Characterization​

Explore the 360° image below and interact with the different application examples.

AdobeStock_239975301_PreviewSnap Content

Part 2 of 4: Join a Thriving XRM Community​

In April 2021, ZEISS hosted the annual X-ray Microscopy User Meeting. Although conducted virtually, more than 80 attendees from over 50 institutions across North America joined to share their experiences working with ZEISS X-ray microscopes across a broad range of applications and disciplines. This special episode of ‘3D in 3 Minutes’ presents a whirlwind tour of some of their recent work.​

Part 3 of 4: Bringing X-ray Microscopy to Your Lab

X-ray microscopy is transforming the world of materials characterization with nondestructive, high resolution 3D imaging. Are your ready to bring these capabilities to your lab? Have you considered how to fund the instrument, develop a user base, and sustain strong productivity over the many years of the instrument’s lifetime? Download the 3-section white paper mini-series below, where we’ve compiled industry insights and market data to help address these questions and more – and enable you with the confidence you need to pursue the expansion of your lab with 3D X-ray microscopy.

  • Scientific Supply and Demand: The Role of Lab-Based X-ray Microscopy in Alleviating Bottlenecks and Decreasing Risk Associated with 3D Materials Characterization Workflows
  • Bringing X-ray Microscopy to the Core Facility: Opportunities and Strategies for Writing a Compelling Funding Proposal for XRM in your Lab
  • The Appeal of High Resolution X-ray Tomography in a Core Microscopy Facility: A Study of Recharge, User Base, and Automation


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Part 4 of 4: New XRM Results Published Every Day​

Scholarly publications are in many respects the ‘currency’ of science. They help describe new experiments, communicate results, and contribute to the collective knowledge of the research field. In the short video below, see the powerful impact X-ray microscopes have had by providing 3D microstructural data for numerous fields and their resulting publications.​

Are you ready to accelerate your lab’s research output with the addition of 3D XRM capabilities? Contact us below to see what XRM could do for your science and your sample.​

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