Innovators in Electron Microscopy

Innovators with different backgrounds discuss how their users and their organization have benefitted from owning a ZEISS field-emission scanning electron microscope. Each innovator has a unique amount of ZEISS SEM imaging and analytics experience and each one has improved the quality of their research by using our Gemini technology. Explore the success of FE-SEM owners and users from different backgrounds and experience levels by clicking on the videos and profiles below.

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Can you correctly guess the microscope image you are seeing?

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More information on application flexibility

Evolution of Gemini Electron Optics
The Next Chapter in Sub-nanometer Imaging Below 1 kV

Cathodoluminescence of Geological Samples: Fluorite Veins
ZEISS Scanning Electron Microscopes with Atlas

Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging Performed by ZEISS GeminiSEM 500

The Real Time 3DSM Solution for the ZEISS GeminiSEM Family

High Resolution EDS Analysis
Enabled by Tailored Variable Pressure Mode on ZEISS GeminiSEM

How the Imaging of Magnetic Samples Benefit from Gemini Optics

Quantitative Analysis
of Fine-grained Structures


Automated Identification of Asbestos

Variable Pressure Imaging
with the ZEISS GeminiSEM Family

ZEISS GeminiSEM for the Microscopy Innovator

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