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ZEISS Microscopy Training

We offer microscopy courses in our Microscopy Customer Centers in NY & CA and also offer customized training on-site using your equipment. Our courses cover theory as well as practical hands-on techniques. Proper training ensures your imaging parameters are optimized for your experiments and that you are collecting reproducible data.

Widefield Microscope

Widefield Microscopes

Get training on upright, inverted or stereo microscopes and learn the basic concepts of acquiring a clear image. Imaging system training is also available for our light sheet microscope, automated imaging system, and slide scanning system.

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Upright & Inverted Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes
Imaging Systems

Laser Scanning Microscope

Confocal & Superresolution

Learn the concepts behind capturing confocal and superessolution images. Get training on how to acquire images on ZEISS laser scanning microscopes and the right settings required to capture a clear fluorescent images.

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Confocal Microscopes
Superresolution Microscopes


Electron Microscopes

Learn the fundamentals of how images are acquired on electron microscopes and what affects image quality. Learn how to operate our Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Field Emission SEMs, and Ion Beam SEMs.

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SEMs and FE-SEMs
Multiple Ion Beam SEM

X-ray Microscope

X-ray Microscopes

Understand the fundamentals of how x-ray images are captured and processed to produced 3-dimentional data. Learn how to operate X-ray systems from ZEISS and the settings required for capturing high resolution x-ray images.

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X-ray Microscopes

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Training will be done in our ZEISS Microscopy Customer Centers in New York and California locatoins or at your site.