Workshop – on Demand

Information beyond Resolution – New Solutions in Imaging & Analysis


Dr. Leah Lavery, Materials Scientist, ZEISS Microscopy – Pleasanton, CA
Andy Holwell, Steel & Others Metals Solutions, ZEISS Microscopy – Cambridge, UK

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Join our experts for a discussion on how advanced imaging solutions are reinventing physical and chemical characterization throughout minerals, metals and materials. Recent developments in analytical microscopy combine stunning imaging with the ability to perform qualitative and quantitative metallurgical analysis such as metals microstructure, physical properties and impurity analysis.

Learn about solutions for production QA and advanced R&D laboratory.

ZEISS offers exceptional and user-friendly microscopy solutions:

  • Optical microscopes for inspection and inclusion analysis
  • Advanced surface-sensitive imaging and high resolution EDS and EBSD analysis
  • Electron microscopes to help you determine composition and crystallography
  • Non-destructive 3D X-ray systems that enable you to perform diffraction contrast tomography in your laboratory
  • FIB-SEM and X-ray microscopy to accomplish 3D ion milling and reconstruction, replacing an array of chemical and analytical techniques