Microscopy Events

Advanced Analytical Microscopy Workshop

Advanced Analytical Microscopy of Industrial Metals

October 23-24 - ASM International Headquarters, Novelty, OH, USA

Discover what routine and advanced light and electron microscopy can provide to the metals industry as a multifaceted analytical tool. Explore the capabilities for routine QA/QC, weld and failure analysis, inclusion classification for steel grading and advanced characterization of all metals from the macro to nano scales.

October 23 - 24, 2018

1st day: 9 AM - 5 AM
2nd day: 9 AM - 12 PM

ASM International Headquarters
9639 Kinsman Road
Novelty, OH 44073

Fundamentals of Metals Microscopy

This workshop introduces problems that can be solved with microscopy throughout the metals supply chain – an opportunity to explore new applications and data streams, and what microscopy can do for you. During this two-day event, ZEISS will present solutions for both common and new problems in the metals industry plus the capabilities of our light and electron microscopes including:

  • Weld and Failure Analysis
  • Grain size and Multiphase Analyses
  • EDS and EBSD for chemical and crystallographic analysis
  • Analysis of Graphite Inclusions in Cast Iron
  • Layer Thickness Measurements
  • Raw Material Assessment
  • Auditability and traceability of data (GxP)
  • Rapid accurate grading of materials
  • Machine Learning Segmentation for rapid data analysis
  • Nanoscale composition and inclusion analysis
  • Correlation and integration of light and electron microscope datasets
  • Advanced microscopy tools for metals research
  • Hands-On Demonstration of our portfolio
  • 1-on-1 technical consultation with microscopy experts
  • Guest lectures from industrial experts


ZEISS Solutions for Steel and Other Metals: Solutions Overview Download
Application note: Physical, chemical and crystallographic analysis of metal welds Download

Agenda Overview

The first day of the workshop will be from 9 AM to 5 PM and will be followed by an evening dinner and social activity.

The second day will be from 9 AM to 12 PM.



  • Overview of Analytical Methods in Light, Electron, and X-Ray Microscopy
  • Special presentation from guest lecturer - An Industry Professional’s perspective on advancements in metallography
  • New Developments in Microscopy – Machine-learning segmentation, correlation of datasets and more.
  • Market Profile – How microscopy meets megatrends
  • And More…

Hands-On Sessions:

  • EVO Scanning Electron Microscope - Chemical and Crystallographic analysis of metals and inclusions
  • ZEN 2 Core – New analysis methods for the Metals Supply Chain
  • LSM 800/Smartzoom 5 – 3D measurements, surface roughness and QAQC inspection
  • GxP for Traceability and Auditability