Educational Symposium

Aaron Rosen

Value Pricing Strategies in Action


Aaron Rosen, Senior Financial Analyst for the Core Facilities Administration group at Northwestern University, advises core facilities on maintaining compliant and sustainable operations in the university’s scientific cores. Over the past ten years, Aaron has worked to reinvent policy, process, and the financial culture for cores at Northwestern. Accomplishments include a rebuild of the cost accounting model for recharge facilities and enrolling all cores into a single billing and services system. Aaron also designed the financial model for Northwestern’s ReLODE Program, a loan program to help facilities replace or augment aging, workhorse equipment. Aaron is 2008 graduate of Northwestern University.


Aaron's role with core facilities at Northwestern may be best described as an internal business consultant, assisting facilities with the development of sustainable and compliant business models. An important aspect of advocating for sustainable models is to help facilities understand their value proposition and to price and position service offerings accordingly. Aaron will describe the Value Pricing model generally, and how this model specifically relates to the positioning, packaging, and pricing of services that all core facilities offer to their users.