Educational Symposium

Acuity in Imaging: Maintaining Image Integrity to Create Meaningful Data


Wolfgang Bathe, Staff Engineer System Technology, ZEISS
Wolfgang works as a staff engineer for system technology at Carl Zeiss Research Microscopy Solutions with a focus on laser scanning microscopy systems. Wolfgang plays in integral role in LSM system design and engineering with an intimate understanding of how design choices impact the translation of images into meaningful data.

Joseph Huff, Application Development Engineer, ZEISS
Joseph is part of the business sector life science group for ZEISS research microscopy systems focusing on laser scanning microscopy systems. Joseph’s function within the business sector can be described as both defining what comes next for the ZEISS laser scanning microscopy portfolio as well as building market-oriented value propositions for the current ZEISS LSM portfolio.


Fluorescence microscopy in the life sciences is transforming from a tool providing images for qualitative/descriptive biology to an indispensable research instrument creating quantitative/functional data. In particular, the reliability, reproducibility and repeatability of data from laser scanning microscopy systems is a function of both the underlying system design/maintenance and image quantification routines. With a focus on the former, Wolfgang and Joseph will both describe what is done today with ZEISS LSM systems to ensure image integrity and will engage in a discussion with the attendees about what can be further improved upon to ensure image integrity in a core facility setting.