Educational Symposium

Data Management and Context - OAD, APEER, Connect, Intellesis


Attendees will gain insight into the future of how ZEISS is incorporating software technologies / strategies to help for image analysis.


Sreenivas Bhattiprolu - Director, Digital Solutions

A 2016 survey of 1500 scientists conducted by Nature revealed that over 70% scientists failed at reproducing experiments [1].Many of the top rated factors for the failure can be easily addressed by leveraging today’s digital technologies in the fields of machine learning, cloud, social and mobile. For example, manual segmentation by ‘painting’ pixels not only leads to irreproducible results but also wastes valuable research time. Machine learning algorithms are designed to segment simple to complex features in a matter of seconds, making the process efficient and highly reproducible. Intellesis, a ZEISS product, is designed to make such advanced machine learning algorithms usable by microscopists. To further improve reproducibility and accelerate research, the image processing workflows need to be automated and deployed on a scalable infrastructure. APEER is a digital platform initiated by ZEISS; it offers scalable cloud infrastructure to build, customize, execute, share, and archive image processing solutions.

[1] Nature 533, 452–454 (26 May 2016) doi:10.1038/533452a

Vimal Gangadharan - Manager, ZEISS Microscopy Customer Centers North America

Guided Acquisition – Let Image Analysis guide your Confocal Microscope

In recent years microscopy assays have become more and more sophisticated. Adaptive Feedback Microscopy, also known as Automated Feedback Microscopy, is a very powerful approach to tackle some of the challenges scientists will to face when trying to carry out detailed and systematic investigations of objects or events detected within such assays.
ZEN Blue offers a toolbox to address those challenges (Open Application Development) in a very efficient way and allows to create powerful tools like Guided Acquisition.
It uses powerful Image Analysis (incl. Machine-Learning) to detect Regions or Objects of Interest in an image and guides the imaging system to these positions to carry out in-depth detail experiments, such as an Airyscan z-Stack for every detection in a fully automated fashion.

ZEN Connect
Sven Schirm - Applications, Training and Microscopy Lab Coordination Manager Team Lead

ZEN Intellesis
Neeraj Gohad -3D Specialist