Educational Symposium

Phillip Hockberger

Integrating and Sustaining Core Facilities in the Research Ecosystem


As AVP, Dr. Hockberger is responsible for: (1) developing, maintaining and advancing state-of-the-art research (core) facilities; (2) facilitating professional development of faculty and staff running core facilities; (3) planning and coordinating research space; (4) developing and coordinating research partnerships with academic institutions, industry and national laboratories.

As Associate Director of NUCATS, he is responsible for: (1) advancing the quality and efficiency of research facilities involved in clinical and translational research; (2) managing the biannual Pilot Grant program; (3) professional development of clinical investigators.

As Associate Professor of Physiology, his research contributions include advances in live cell imaging, membrane biophysics and signal transduction, cell adhesion and migration, photobiology and phototoxicity. 


Phil’s talk will focus on the key role of core facilities play in the research ecosystem (value proposition); importance of the four pillars for sustainability (personnel, space, investment, evaluation); importance of professional development of core personnel (including business skills) followed by an overview of the Kellogg course (topics/faculty, advanced learning projects, building an international network).