Third Annual North American XRM User Meeting

January 15 - 16, 2019 – ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center New York

ZEISS X-ray technologies: Solutions to your 3D Challenges

Get a sneak peek at what’s coming with ZEISS X-ray technology.

At the 2019 XRM user group meeting in Thornwood, NY on January 15 - 16, you’ll learn about ZEISS X-ray solutions to a diverse set of real-world challenges in Materials Science, Electronics, Failure Analysis, Life Sciences and more.

Solutions for today. Potential for tomorrow. You’ll hear about all the hardware, software, workflows and techniques.

Attendees will:

  • Meet/interact with fellow ZEISS X-ray enthusiasts and experts
  • Experience ZEISS instruments that can extend the range of potential solutions
  • Talk with ZEISS experts in small group settings
  • Forge the future community of ZEISS X-ray users
  • Leave the User Group Meeting empowered, energized, and informed

Rotation Tour Stations

Work with with following instruments/software, guided by experts:

Station Description
ZEISS Xradia Versa X-ray microscope featuring the world’s most flexible X-ray system enabling submicron resolution.
Dragonfly Pro Software for visualization and analysis of your favorite data set.
ZEISS ZEN Intellesis Software with advanced segmentation leveraging machine learning (AI) algorithms.
ZEISS LSM 800 Laser scanning microscope featuring world class sensitivity, resolution and speed.
ZEISS Crossbeam 550 & ZEISS Atlas FIB-SEM system featuring high throughput 3D analysis and nanomachining.
ZEISS GeminiSEM FE-SEM with sub-nanometer resolution, speed, and surface sensitivity in EM imaging and analytics.
APEER Collaborative no-cost cloud-based digital microscopy platform to leverage application workflows (e.g. 3D reconstructions, staining or segmenting)
XRM Engineering
(XRM Owners Only)
Advanced discussions with members of the XRM engineering team.


More details coming soon!