ZOYC Online

ZEISS On Your Campus (ZOYC) Online is comprised of a live online webinar with your local account team.

ZOYC Online has three main goals:
1. Provide education focused on better utilization of your current microscopy equipment, which can lead to:

  • Higher quality imaging and faster time to results
  • A better understanding of the data that are collected
  • Improved experimental design

2. Bring awareness of new and emerging microscopy trends and technologies.

3. Connect live with your local ZEISS account team.

This live event is presented by your local ZEISS team

Joel Mancuso, Life Science EM/XRM Specialist Academia

Joel Mancuso
Life Science EM/XRM Specialist Academia

Joel has been with ZEISS for 7 years as a Sales Specialist for Electron Microscopy. He has been in the electron microscopy field for 20 years, working in several neuroscience and cell biology labs. Prior to joining ZEISS, he helped bring the first commercial 3DSEM system to market, 3View, at Gatan. Joel started out as an application engineer and worked his way into a product marketing management role. Joel’s enthusiasm for the technology and applications is infectious and he hopes to spread some of that enthusiasm to the audience of his webinar.

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3D SEM – Large Volume Electron Microscopy Enables Robust Statistical Analysis

June 2, 2020 | 1:00 pm PDT

3D SEM techniques have been around for over a decade. Today’s talk will briefly look at the different 3DEM techniques and highlight the strengths of each technique turning 3DSEM data into answers beyond of reach of other life science modalities. In addition, we will couple those strengths and match them to applications considering, data volume, slice thickness, and axial resolution. The talk will also cover automating sample prep as well as data segmentation and analysis to help realize statistical analysis generated from large volumes of serial images at electron microscopy resolution, the power of 3DSEM.
Join this webinar and learn how the ZEISS 3D SEM solutions can help you:
  • Understand where 3DSEM techniques fit in comparison to traditional TEM and 3D LM techniques
  • Choosing a ZEISS 3DSEM imaging solution that best fits your needs
  • Learn about automated segmentation options and how they help enhance statistical robustness  


This event has concluded.