Due to health concerns, the XRM User Meeting has been postponed.

Stay tuned for further information.

At the 2020 XRM User Group Meeting on April 15 - 16, you’ll learn about ZEISS X-ray solutions to address a diverse set of real-world challenges in Materials Science, Electronics, Failure Analysis, Life Sciences, Geoscience, and more. Be on the cutting edge of 3D imaging and analysis with the latest updates on hardware, software, workflows, and techniques.

We are very excited to announce that this year’s meeting will be held at the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, TN, where the lab and ZEISS have partnered to push the boundaries of the latest imaging and measurement instruments.

Please note: As this event will take place at a US National Lab facility, advanced registration and security clearance is mandatory. Deadlines for registration are April 8 (for US citizens) and March 16 (non-US citizens). Upon registering, we will follow-up with you to make sure the appropriate paperwork is prepared. Thank you for your understanding.

Attendees will:

  • Meet/interact with fellow ZEISS X-ray enthusiasts and experts
  • Experience ZEISS instruments that can extend your imaging capabilities
  • Talk with ZEISS experts in small group settings
  • Forge the future community of ZEISS X-ray users
  • Leave the User Group Meeting informed, empowered, and energized to maximize
    the productivity of your workflow
  • Refreshments, lunch and an evening social event will be provided.
    Additional travel expenses including air and hotel costs will need to be covered by attendees.
View this video for more information on the exciting collaboration between ZEISS and Oak Ridge National Lab.



Inside the Factory – Updates from Product Management at ZEISS X-ray
The X-ray Product Management Team will discuss the newest additions to the landscape of solutions in the expanding ZEISS X-ray Portfolio. This will include sneak previews of upcoming features and releases. Last year, attendees were introduced to ZEISS Xradia 600-series Versa before its public launch. This year, ZEISS focuses on pairing the world’s best X-ray imaging systems with even more cutting-edge innovations that will take the performance of your ZEISS X-ray instruments to a new and previously unattainable level.

XRM User Tech Talks
One of the powers of X-ray microscopy is the vast diversity of its application space, finding benefit in materials science, engineering, biology, geoscience, electronics, and more. To capitalize on this broad spectrum, very often we can observe and adapt techniques and workflows from other users even if they originate in entirely different research fields.

Several talks will be presented by existing users, showcasing how they employ XRM to meet their characterization needs. We will hear from experienced experts from the University of Michigan, the University of Texas, Oak Ridge National Lab, the University of Alabama - Huntsville, and more.

Breakout Stations
To maximize time during the two-day meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to tailor portions of their schedule to satisfy their specific interests. The agenda will include 5 breakout sessions, with the offering of 8 different stations listed below.

Station A: Setting Up For Success – Sample Preparation, Mounting, and Scan Optimization

This station is all about maximizing the performance of your X-ray microscope. To get the best possible data, users need to consider sample preparation and mounting options, as well as selection of scan parameters to simultaneously optimize resolution, contrast, and/or throughput. This station will occur in the lab at the Xradia 620 Versa, where ZEISS scientists will discuss best practices and procedures that they have developed through their experience operating instruments on a daily basis.

Station C: Best Practices for Low-Z – Imaging Low Density and Biological Samples

Low density samples can present particular challenges for X-ray imaging. Mounting soft samples in a stable way can be tricky, and obtaining sufficient image contrast due to minimal X-ray attenuation is not always easy. This station will provide a forum for attendees and ZEISS experts to exchange tips, tricks, and methods specific to navigating the obstacles presented by their low-Z samples.

Sample courtesy of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Station E: 3D Metrology - Measurement Using X-ray Tomography

The attendee can expect to leave this session with a better understanding of the science behind using CT data for dimensional measurement, or metrology. This technology represents a unique capability as the only pathway available to determine dimensions of internal or hidden structures without destroying the part. We will explore the terms accuracy, repeatability and calibration as well as the VDI-VDE measurement specification. Attendee interaction will drive a hands-on live demonstration of the Metrotom CT-CMM in action as well as data analysis using a variety of software.

Station G: Nanoscale 3D Imaging – Xradia Ultra and Synchrotron Instruments

While many researchers utilize micron-scale X-ray imaging for their investigations (such as the Xradia Versa family), Xradia Ultra and Synchrotron systems extend the range of nondestructive 3D characterization deep into the nanoscale regime. At this station, ZEISS product and applications experts will introduce this breakthrough technology and discuss applications and opportunities that are enabled in a truly unique part of the characterization domain.

Courtesy of Jianghan Oil Field, China.

Station B: Advanced XRM Operation & Modalities – Beyond Traditional Applications

Collecting and interpreting 3D scan data is only the start of the journey. By applying advanced strategies and equipment for data collection, an XRM transforms into much more than a 3D imaging tool. This station will facilitate a discussion with experienced ZEISS applications experts on a variety of advanced topics including LabDCT grain analysis, in situ experimentation, system operation via Python API, and new reconstruction methods including OptiRecon.

Station D: Complementary Imaging Techniques – Electron and Optical Microscopy

For many applications, imaging data obtained from a variety of sources can be useful to gain a comprehensive picture of sample structure or composition. In this station, attendees will expand beyond X-rays and have the opportunity for hands-on time in the lab with ZEISS application scientists at a range of other microscopes including Crossbeam FIB-SEM, GeminiSEM 450, Axio Imager, Smartzoom, and Smartproof.

Station F: 3D Data Visualization and Analysis – ORS Dragonfly Pro

Once you acquire a great 3D data set, what do you do with it? Presenting your data in an effective and compelling visualization, as well as producing meaningful quantification of the 3D structure, are critical tasks when it comes to communicating your results to others. ZEISS partners with Object Research Systems (ORS), and in this station ORS and ZEISS image processing experts will show you how to get the most out of your data with ORS’s Dragonfly Pro software.


Sample courtesy of Kavan Hazeli, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Station H: Engineering Round Table

As users of XRM systems, your experience, suggestions, and feedback are incredibly important to our product development team. At past user meetings, we have received comments that have been immediately fed into decisions regarding future development. At this station, we offer an opportunity in a small group setting for close interaction with our engineering and R&D teams to discuss any topics spanning from existing product functionality to possible future capabilities. Attendance at this station is strongly recommended and much appreciated.

Tour of the famous Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron Source
Thursday afternoon, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The SNS opened in 2006 after more than 5 years of construction, a partnership of 6 DOE national labs, and a cost of $1.4 billion. Today it provides the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world, and supports research in diverse fields including materials science, physics, biology, and chemistry. The SNS contains over 20 individual experimental stations (including imaging capabilities that provide an interesting complement to X-ray imaging) and hosts more than 1,000 visiting researchers per year from around the world.

ORNL website: https://neutrons.ornl.gov/sns

  • The tour has limited capacity and will be available only to the first 30 registrants. Advanced registration required! 
  • The main agenda of the XRM User Meeting will conclude at 2:30 pm on Thursday. It is about a 20 minute trip to the SNS.
  • The tour will be from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Thursday afternoon. With afternoon traffic, it is about a 45 minute drive from the SNS to the Knoxville airport. Please keep this in mind if you are booking a Thursday evening flight.
  • ZEISS is evaluating transportation options to/from SNS – updates will be forthcoming.

Location & Hotel Information

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Hardin Valley Campus
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility
2350 Cherahala Blvd NTRC-3
Building 3
Knoxville, TN 37932
Please note that this is not the main ORNL campus

As this event will take place at a US National Lab facility, advanced registration and security clearance is mandatory. Deadlines for registration are April 8 (for US citizens) and March 16 (non-US citizens). Upon registering, we will follow-up with you to make sure the appropriate paperwork is prepared. Thank you for your understanding.

Hotel Information

We have two hotel room blocks available at $103 per night. Please book your room by March 24 to receive the discounted rate.

  1. TownePlace Suites Knoxville Cedar Bluff
  2. Residence Inn Knoxville Cedar Bluff

Evening Social Event

Calhoun’s on the River
2nd Floor – East Room
400 Neyland Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Wednesday, April 15
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Transportation will be provided from ORNL to the
event and back to the hotels.

Imaging Contest

To highlight the excellent results of the ZEISS X-ray user community, we are conducting another XRM image contest this year! Submissions, as well as contest winners, will be on display and recognized at the user meeting, as well as featured prominently in widespread ZEISS communications. Please share with us your best image or rendering so we can help show the world your impressive results!

Please put "XRM User Meeting 2020" under reference code for consideration in the contest.

Submit your images here.