Introducing the Axioscan 7 - Your Multiplex Imaging Solution - Transforming Slides to Results

Thursday, April 22 | 11:00 am PDT

Nate Lane is the Product Application Sales Specialist Manager West in the United States. He is a career ZEISS man having joined ZEISS immediately after graduating from a UCLA with his master’s degree in physiological sciences. Over a span of 18 years, Nate has had a variety of positions from Sales Protégé to Account Manager (SF, CA) to Imaging Specialist, back to an Account Manager role (SD, CA), and ultimately to his now-former role of Automated Specialist.


Take back your time with the ZEISS Axioscan 7. Experience the evolution in automated whole slide imaging for brightfield, fluorescence, and polarization applications. Achieve faster brightfield scanning with flash mode and the Axiocam 705 color camera.

The use of multichannel immunofluorescence techniques expands your opportunity for research and discovery, increasing output from precious sample material. Our dynamic slide scanner offers full spectral flexibility pairing the Colibri 7 with discrete single bandpass filters, multi bandpass filters, and fast filter wheels. Self-monitoring in the Colibri 7 ensures precise power output of its ultra-fast switching LEDs for reproducible fluorescence acquisition.

Imaging multiplexed tissue is now faster and gentler than ever with the introduction of a new patented contrast technique. The Transfer of Intensity Equation, or TIE contrast, offers damage-free, high speed focusing of fluorescence material. Stained, label-free, and low contrast samples are all made visible with the unsurpassed optical quality that ZEISS is known for. Capture the whole picture, hundreds of slides at a time, without application restrictions. ZEISS Axioscan 7 offers proven quality and reliability to work 24/7 so that you don’t have to.