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Hosted by Leanne Jones, PhD, Director, Bakar Aging Research Institute, and Professor, Anatomy and Medicine/Geriatrics, University of California, San Francisco

Our ZEISS On Your Campus (ZOYC) roadshow is touring the country with our ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM2. This event will provide easy access to unprecedented resolution in live samples without the need for special sample preparation. This initiative is specifically geared to provide you the opportunity to image your most delicate samples in your local community.


Reveal the vibrant sub-organelle network of life with ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM²

November 3, 2021 | 12:00 pm PDT

Have you ever wished it would be possible to achieve sub-100 nm resolution in living samples without having to adapt your sample preparation to fit the imaging method?

Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) has become a go-to super-resolution fluorescence microscopy technique for live imaging due to its comparatively gentle illumination and compatibility with standard fluorophores. The introduction of Lattice SIM extended live imaging capabilities even further by increasing gentleness and achievable frame rates; however, the resolution remained a two-fold improvement over the diffraction limit (~120 nm laterally and 300 nm axially).

Join us to learn how the new ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM2 extends the spatial and temporal resolution capability of SIM beyond what was previously possible allowing you to achieve 60 nm resolution laterally and axial sectioning beyond 200 nm. Lattice SIM2 opens the door to formerly unattainable applications by enabling the observation of rapid sub-organelle structural changes and inter-organelle interactions without the need to modify your standard sample preparation protocols.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Discriminate sub-organelle structures down to 60 nm without the need for special sample preparation or expert knowledge of complex techniques
  • Capture highly dynamic processes at up to 255 fps
  • Optimize resolution and sectioning with a variety of magnifications on samples ranging from photo-sensitive cell cultures to scattering C. elegans, plants and tissue sections using one versatile imaging platform.


This webinar is presented by Hanna Thomsen, Ph.D.

Product Application Sales Specialist

Hanna earned her Ph.D. as a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow at University of Gothenburg in Sweden, where she developed applications of Two Photon Microscopy, FRET, and FLIM to study drug delivery and photodynamic therapy in ex vivo skin and antibacterial resistant biofilms. Prior to joining ZEISS, Hanna completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Prof. Tayyaba Hasan at Harvard Medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital, where she used confocal microscopy and photoacoustic imaging in development of image guided photodynamic therapy methods for oral and pancreatic cancer. Along the way, Hanna enjoyed exploring new methods for utilizing quantitative imaging in biological research and helping her peers in imaging experimentation and analysis. Hanna welcomes the opportunity to speak with you to learn more about your current research requirements, and share with you some of the recent, unique enhancements to ZEISS Microscopy solutions. Although working primarily from home, Hanna is available for on-site applications support, training, and installations.

This webinar is hosted by Ashley Remy

Account Manager