ZEISS XRM University

Part of ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center(ZMCC) Skill Builder Series


X-ray Microscopy 101: Versa Operation

September 21, 2021

This workshop is an introduction to X-ray imaging with a focus on ZEISS Xradia Versa systems. No prior imaging background is assumed for attendees, but they are strongly recommended to have access to a Versa system on the day of the workshop in order to maximize their learning.

This is a 1-day workshop consisting of a 3-hour morning session, a 2-hour break during which participants conduct hands-on operation on their own instruments, followed by another 3-hour training session.

Topics that will be covered in this workshop include:


  • Basics of X-ray imaging, different X-ray imaging systems and their components
  • Scout: Setting up a full field of view scan using a Versa


  • Zoom: Finding the region of interest and setting up a high-resolution interior tomography using a Versa
  • Reconstruction

The attendees are expected to set up scans on their samples and report back the parameters they find. Participation certificate will be mailed to those who submit their answers during the workshop.

Who should attend?

  • New users of ZEISS Xradia Versa instruments
  • Infrequent Versa users in need of a refresh on scan setup and optimization
  • Lab managers or technicians looking to improve their own skill level to better support and/or train other users of the instrument

Learning objectives: after completion of this workshop, attendees should:

  • Have an improved understanding of the fundamentals of X-rays as an imaging modality
  • Improve their parameter selection to optimize the quality and contrast of their Versa scan results
  • Be able to efficiently navigate within their sample to accurately target the correct region of interest for high resolution scanning
  • Spots are limited
  • Access to a Versa system during the training is strongly recommended
  • Registration Deadline: September 15th, 2021