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This live event is presented by Vincent Cavaliere

Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC

Transform your Microscopy with the ZEISS Digital Classroom

December 8, 2020 | 1:00 pm EST

Hands-on learning is a critical component of science education at all ages. In a world where seeing is believing, microscopes play a major role in helping students and teachers make deeper connections between principles taught in lectures and real-life specimens. In life, earth, or materials sciences, a Digital Classroom from ZEISS allows teachers and students to interact with the microscope and specimens like never before.

Join this webinar and see how your institute can benefit from a ZEISS Digital Classroom:

  • Teachers can move more freely throughout the classroom and call up for discussion the view of any networked microscope on the fly.
  • Institutes can gain an edge in recruiting by extending cutting-edge technology infrastructure further into the teaching laboratory.
  • You can divide your large classroom into groups, get your students’ attention, share images and annotations, and even assign homework with Labscope Teacher.