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This live event is presented by Vincent Cavaliere

Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC

Smart Microscopy: Fast and Simple routine microscope imaging at your fingertips

December 1, 2020 | 1:00 pm EST

Around the world, more than a trillion digital photographs are captured each year as camera sensor technology continues to advance. Images from the microscopes are unique in their ability to convey elicit a variety of reactions and feelings in viewers based on their scientific expertise, and ZEISS Microscopy has been at the forefront of this trend for more than two decades. Now, with Smart Microscopy, the new stand-alone imaging concept from ZEISS, users can collect extraordinary images with minimal effort and maximum content with no additional PC or software.

Come see how your lab can benefit from Smart Microscopy:

  • Maximize quality with optimal color reproduction of the eyepiece view and automatic lighting adjustment.
  • Save effort by acquiring multi-channel fluorescence images without moving your hands from the focus.
  • Reduce footprint and save money by eliminating the need for a dedicated computer for imaging.