Increase Efficiency In Your Laboratory With Smart Microscopy

How To Speed Up Image Documentation Using Manual Microscopes

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Dr. Michael Gögler Market Sector Manager for Routine Microscopy, ZEISS Microscopy

Image Acquisition with Smart Microscopy from ZEISS

You need to document samples in transmitted light or fluorescence in your routine lab? To achieve best image quality, this can get time consuming. Learn in this webinar, how to speed up your image acquisition with Smart Microscopy from ZEISS.

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Smart Microscopy

Smart Microscopy from ZEISS is a new concept for routine digital documentation of microscopic samples. The microscopes Axiolab 5 and Axioscope 5 can be combined with the microscope cameras Axiocam 202 mono and Axiocam 208 color, to form a Smart Microscopy system that takes away a large share of the workload from the users. It automatically adjusts many of the required settings, thus digital documentation of microscopic specimens becomes easier and more efficient.