Focus on Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy: Past, Present and Future

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Prof. Marco Fritzsche

Scientific Director, Oxford-Zeiss Centre of Excellence

Dr. Huw Colin-York

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, BPI Lab

Dr. Helena Coker

Advanced Microscopy Specialist, BPI Lab, Kennedy and Oxford-Zeiss Centre of Excellence

Dr. Niall Geoghegan

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, CDI at WEHI

Dr. Kirstin Elgass

Application Development Engineer, ZEISS Microscopy

This webinar focuses on the development of Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy through time. Leading researchers present their experiences with long-term volumetric imaging of living cells using this technology. Listen to first-hand experience reports how Lattice Lightsheet evolved from initial prototypes to established instruments in core facilities and research labs. Learn about the next generation of ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 and how it advances live cell research projects.

Key Learnings:

  • Experiences with home-built lattice light-sheet systems
  • ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 in multi-user environments
  • Quantifying diffusion dynamics of biomolecules in activating T cells
  • Malaria invasion of red blood cells in 4D
  • ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 improvements:
    • Imaging just above the noise level
    • Faster imaging
    • Crosstalk-free imaging
    • Truly simultaneous two-color imaging

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