The Pivotal Role of FIB-SEM for Emerging New Correlative Workflows

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Cheryl Hartfield

Product Marketing Manager for Materials Research & Electronics
ZEISS Microscopy

Dr. Hrishikesh Bale

Solutions Manager, Engineering Materials
ZEISS Microscopy

Tim Schubert
Dr. Markus Boese

Applications Engineer
ZEISS Microscopy

Dr. Heiko Stegmann

Applications Development Engineer
ZEISS Microscopy

New materials and technological advances are being developed at rates faster than ever before. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a surge of new and revolutionary capabilities in applications as diverse as self-driving cars to “virtual testing.” The emergence of new microscopy techniques is driving new correlated workflows enabling faster insights across diverse applications, from biological sciences to materials characterization to semiconductor failure analysis. This talk will show a variety of application examples across different research and industry segments benefitting from new and emerging correlated microscopy workflows, where FIB-SEM plays a pivotal role to enable implementation of new microscopy techniques through its dual versatility as an advanced sample preparation tool and high-resolution imaging instrument.

Key Learnings:

  • A correlated 3D X-ray and FIB-SEM workflow providing new multiscale crystallographic insights and new materials discoveries in the area of polycrystalline materials
  • A correlated workflow enabling new insights into catalysts through TEM analysis
  • A correlated workflow to enable biological insights for retinopathy research through nanoscale X-ray analysis

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