Fully Integrated FE-SEM/AFM Solution for Plenary In Situ Characterization in Materials Science

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Dr. Fang Zhou
Dr. Fang Zhou

Solutions Manager Materials Science, ZEISS Microscopy

Dr. Frank Hitzel
Dr. Frank Hitzel

Head of SPM development, Semilab Germany GmbH

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) deliver complementary sample information which helps scientists to gain a complete and deep understanding of their samples. The fully integrated advanced FE-SEM /AFM solution enables not only in situ multiple imaging modalities, but also fast and precise sample/cantilever navigation as well as live interactive measurements by means of sample manipulations such as e-beam induced effect and interaction between a functional cantilever and the local sample feature.

In this webinar we will highlight the benefits of the unique fully integrated FE-SEM/AFM solution based on the latest development. The full functionalities of both FE-SEM and AFM will be addressed, in particular the real in situ environment due to field free lens design, the full variety of AFM modes comparable to desktop AFM as well as the seamless integration in hardware and software.

We will show how combined in situ FE-SEM/AFM imaging approaches provide a basis for easier and more efficient characterization workflows and a more complete understanding of the direct links of surface structure and composition with the local electrical or other physical properties. In doing so, by means of many application examples in situ measurements will be demonstrated and discussed in detail.

Key Learnings:

  • The fully integrated FE-SEM/AFM solution and its unique features
  • Why to do in situ combination of FE-SEM and AFM?
  • What additional information you will get from the combination compared to standalone systems?
  • How to work with the instrument?

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