LabDCT - Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography Technology Overview

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Jette Oddershede
Dr. Jette Oddershede Senior Scientist, Xnovo Technology ApS

Grain mapping is a common name for a variety of non-destructive tomographic techniques originating from synchrotron X-ray facilities to access the grain-based three-dimensional (3D) polycrystalline microstructure of
bulk samples such as metals, minerals or ceramics.

This webinar gives you the technology overview of LabDCT, Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography, enabling grain mapping in your own home lab. We will discuss the challenges of bringing a synchrotron technique to a conventional X-ray source and give details on how LabDCT has been implemented into the Zeiss Xradia 520 and 620 Versa X-ray Microscopes.

Learn how to reconstruct grain maps from the acquired data by means of the GrainMapper3D software powered by Xnovo Technology, and how the volumetric information on individual grain shapes, sizes, morphologies and crystallographic orientations allows investigating relationships between sample processing, polycrystalline microstructure and material properties.

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