New Methods for Characterizing Nanomaterials

Exploring Advances in High-resolution and In situ Imaging

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Hrishikesh Bale Solutions Manager, ZEISS X-ray Microscopy

This is part of a pre-recorded AAAS Science hosted webinar series presented Dr. Ruth Schwaiger from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Dr. Hrishikesh Bale of Carl Zeiss Microscopy.

Advances in 3D additive manufacturing techniques have enabled the production of nanostructures with remarkable mechanical properties. Using the latest 3D printing techniques, novel material structures with unique mechanical properties can be produced, such as micro- and nanolattices. Understanding the underlying characteristics of these complex new materials, such as deformation mechanisms, and how they impact structural behavior, is increasingly challenging. In this webinar, you will be presented with examples of how various microscopy techniques, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM), helium ion microscopy (HIM), and nanoscale X-ray imaging, have been applied to the study of nanoarchitectured lattice structures. You will also learn how these techniques have helped to solve some of the most intriguing questions related to nanomaterials.

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