Sigma RISE Solution for Multi-modal Correlative Microscopy

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Dr. Fang Zhou Solutions Manager Materials Science, ZEISS Microscopy

Field emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) and Raman spectral imaging deliver complementary sample information which helps scientists to gain a complete and deep knowledge of their samples. The recent achievement in correlative microscopy is the full integration of WITec 3D confocal Raman microscope into a ZEISS FESEM to streamline the RISE (Raman Image in Scanning Electron microscope) concept. Out of it the new SIGMA 300 RISE enables the superior SEM imaging of composite materials and directly links their chemical/molecular information in addition by means of confocal Raman Imaging (CRI) capabilities. The fast and precise sample transfer within the chamber and under vacuum per mouse click simplifies the correlative workflow and delivers crucial information of the sample from regions of interest (ROI) with very high precision. In summary, the combination of SEM imaging and analysis approaches and CRI capabilities allows the characterization of materials at high resolution, as well as on very topographical sample surfaces across large areas.

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