ZEISS Correlative Microscopy
Correlative Microscopy
Move beyond the boundaries of microscopy to achieve the best in class results

Correlative Microscopy

Solution Benefits

To capture the essence of your sample, you often need to analyze it with more than one method. Going from the micro to nano scale can require to correlate light with electron microscopy (CLEM), or X-ray with FIB-SEM (CXF). Correlative microscopy from ZEISS gives you integrated solutions and seamless workflows. Decide for ZEISS as the sole provider of light, electron, ion and X-Ray microscopes and profit from long years of experience in correlative analysis. Choose unique sample centric correlation of images and data to advance your work beyond the limiting boundaries of a single microscopy technique.

  • Gain unique insights into your sample
  • Move seamlessly from the micro to nano scale
  • Acquire more data in less time with streamlined workflows
  • Benefit from powerful image and data correlation handling
  • Acquire, handle and analyze data from 2D to 4D
  • Use correlative coverslips and holders for precise and efficient work

Fields of Application

Recommended Products for Correlative Microscopy

ZEISS ZEN Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences

The highest level of productivity in correlative microscopy

Are you looking for a way to combine imaging and analytical methods of light and electron microscopy? Would you like to link functional and dynamic information about your specimens with ultra-structural details? With Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences, ZEISS presents the first solution to offer precisely this: an easy-to-use, highly productive workflow from a light to an electron microscope – and vice versa.

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ZEISS ZEN Shuttle & Find for Material Analysis

Bridging the Micro and Nano World in Materials Analysis

Shuttle & Find for Materials Analysis is a correlative interface for light and electron microscopes. You now have a straightforward way to combine the advantages of ZEISS light microscopes with the extensive functionalities of our leading edge scanning electron microscopes.

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ZEISS ZEN Correlative Array Tomography

3D Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy For Serial Sections

With the software module ZEN Correlative Array Tomography you automatically image hundreds of sections across length scales and combine them into one single correlative volume data set.

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ZEISS Atlas 5

Master Your Multi-scale Challenge

Makes your life easier: create comprehensive multi-scale, multi-modal images with a sample-centric correlative environment.

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ZEISS Correlative Particle Analysis

Greater Insight, Higher Quality

Correlative Particle Analyzer combines your data from both light and electron microscopes.

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