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Fast Nanoscale, Chemical and Correlative Particle Analysis

Light Microscope Image

Light Microscope Image

You monitor the technical cleanliness of your components and the production process. You need to make sure mechanical components are working without any friction. You must avoid leaks caused by cracks, reduce blocking of nozzels and filter as well as stop the breakdown of pumps and valves.

Minimize your maintenance costs and maximize your uptime.

Electron Microscope Image

Electron Microscope Image

ZEISS SmartPI for Totally Automated Nanoscale Particle Analysis
Analyze up to 200,000 particles on your filters with an electron microscope and optionally learn all you need to know about the chemical composition of the material – it’s fully automated with SmartPI.

Overlay of Light and Electron Microscope Image (incl. EDX Analysis)

Overlay of Light and Electron Microscope Image (incl. EDX Analysis)

ZEISS Correlative Particle Analysis lets you quickly measure and analyze up to 200 critical particles by characterizing them with light- and electron microscopy—it’s fast and very effective. This correlative particle analyzer system for EDS analysis of your particles supports ISO 16232 and VDA19.




SmartPI: Automated Particle Analysis

SmartPI gives you the advantage of an automated particle analysis tool for particle sizes in the nanometer range, including EDS analysis of the chemical composition. Even particles situated on the border are counted correctly. You can operate EDS and SEM with one user interface. Using various evaluation methods, offline analysis and exclusion of particles from the measurement or statistics, you’ll be able to set the appropriate level for analysis and create a competent, well-documented report. Upgrade your system to correlative particle analysis (CAPA).

Your SmartPI for automated nanoscale particle analysis includes:

  • An electron microscope such as EVO, SIGMA, MERLIN, ParticleSCAN, JetSCAN
  • SmartPI software.



Correlative Particle Analyzer: Fast particle analysis

  • Choose a high resolution ZEISS bundle for chemical particle analysis.
  • Get your results up to 10 times faster.
  • Classify reflecting (i.e. metallic) and non-reflecting particles in size and identify fibers in your light microscope.
  • Then relocalize particles in your electron microscope and perform a fully automated EDS analysis.
  • Combine results from both light and electron microscopy analyses in a single report.
  • Support standards for particle analysis ISO 16232 and VDA19.

Your Correlative Particle Analyzer for particle analysis includes:

  • Electron microscope EVO MA 10
  • Fully motorized zoom microscope Axio Zoom.V16
  • Correlative sample holder
  • AxioVision Correlative Particle Analyzer software

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Particle Analyzer

Analyze Tiny Particles: Accurately and Reproducibly

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Correlative Particle Analysis

Quickly Characterize and Classify Particles Supporting ISO 16232 by Light and Electron Microscopy

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Filter Guide Light- & Electron Microscopy

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