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Technical Cleanliness with ZEISS

Lifetime and functionality of products can be linked directly to particulate contamination in the production process so an advanced technical cleanliness program is essential for assuring high quality products. ZEISS systems for technical cleanliness deliver the particle analysis data you need to enhance and assure the quality of your manufacturing process.

One-stop correlative particle characterization

Benefit from the most comprehensive solutions portfolio for in-depth particle characterization – from shape to elemental composition, at scales from micro to nano.
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Compliant with the latest industry standards

Meet the requirements of industry standards such as VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232, implement automated workflows and make particle analysis reproducible.
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Cutting-edge technology at attractive leasing conditions

Get the latest technical cleanliness solutions including hardware, software, and service. Cost-effective full-service leasing programs can help you overcome budgetary constraints.
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In-depth particle detection and classification to meet stringent quality demands

The ZEISS solutions portfolio for in-depth particle analysis and cleanliness testing includes:

  • Light microscopy systems: Estimate potential risk for contamination, itemize particles by quantity, size distribution and morphology, and distinguish metallic from non-metallic particles and fibers down to 2 µm.
  • Electron microscopy and EDS systems: Pinpoint sources of contamination, measure morphological characteristics of particles and use fully automated elemental analyses to classify particles by their chemical composition.
  • Correlative particle analysis: Establish advanced analysis workflows and characterize process-critical particles and identify killer particles using Correlative Automated Particle Analysis (CAPA), which combines your data from both light and electron microscopes in a single workflow.

Tailored precisely to the needs of manufacturing industries

ZEISS solutions for industrial cleanliness were developed in close collaboration with companies in the automotive industry, who had a specific need for powerful yet easy to use particle identification and classification systems. This means that current industrial cleanliness standards been taken into account, and usability concerns are addressed for the typical industrial environment, where not every operator is a microscopy expert and solutions are deployed at multiple sites around the globe.

ZEISS particle analysis solutions are compliant with the following cleanliness norms and standards:

  • ISO 16232
  • VDA 19.1

Gear Up for Enhanced Technical Cleanliness through Full Service Leasing

Leasing equipment is a great way to get the capability you need without the pressure of an up-front capital expenditure. Select the required particle analysis solution, and get the microscope, included accessories and ZEISS worldwide support and service – with ZEISS covering all logistics and details.

The benefits of full service leasing with ZEISS are:

  • Predictable operational expenses
  • No up-front costs and no need to tie up capital to obtain your microscope
  • No hidden costs: Your fixed monthly payment includes a ZEISS full service contract for preventive and corrective maintenance, labor and spare parts coverage.
  • No financial risk: ZEISS bears the responsibility for system depreciation and resale value

ZEISS Particle Analysis Systems

Light Microscopy Systems

SteREO Discovery.V8

For particles down to 20 µm

Identify fibers and differentiate between metallic and non-metallic particles with this cost-effective system for standard cleanliness testing applications.

Axio Zoom.V16

For particles down to 5 µm

Perform accurate and repeatable analyses with this fully automated digital zoom microscope that supports rapid large field scanning and extended analyses requirements.

Axio Imager 2

For particles down to 2 µm

Meet your high-resolution particle analysis requirements with this fully automated microscope for fast and precise measurement of particle length, width, and height.

Particle Analyzer

Software for light microscopes

Automate analysis of particles – by quantity, size distribution, morphology and type – with Particle Analyzer software. ISO 16232, VDA 19 and internal standards are all supported.

SEM/EDS Systems and Correlative Solutions


Conventional SEM

Utilize this SEM/EDS system for routine particle analysis applications. EVO is available with variable pressure (VP) to enable imaging and analysis of non-conductive samples.

Sigma 300

Field Emission SEM

Take your applications to the nanometer scale. Sigma 300 for high-resolution particle analysis is very well suited to elemental analysis, particularly on magnetic samples.


Software for SEM/EDS systems

SmartPI software automates detection, analysis, and classification of particles, incorporating all aspects of SEM control, image processing and elemental analysis within a single application.


More insights to particle origin

Gain further insight with Correlative Automated Particle Analysis (CAPA), the ZEISS solution that combines light and electron microscopy in a workflow for advanced particle query and classification.

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