ZEISS Axiocam 503 color

Image Large Sample Areas - Fast, in True Color, and High-Resolution

Your 3 Megapixel Microscope Camera

For Fast Image Acquisition in Research Labs

This fast 2.8 megapixel scientific grade color camera allows high resolution live images and time-lapse recordings at video speed. Axiocam 503 color brings the convenience of fast color HDTV cameras to the digital domain, including all the advantages of extended parameter control and the image quality you expect from scientific camera products.

Such speed makes it the best choice for analysis of colored samples where sample navigation and visualization are your maximum priorities – for example, in pathology, cytology or scientific materials research.

Recommended for
  • Life and materials sciences
  • Co-observation with fast high resolution live image in high quality color
  • Fast image time-lapse recording
  • High quality documentation of colored samples i.e. in pathology, cytoloty or materials research
  • Broad range of intensities and exposure times


Lung of sheep, objective: Plan-APOCHROMAT 10× / 0.45
Lung of sheep
Hippocampus of rat
Hippocampus of rat
  • 2.8 megapixel CCD sensor with standard 11 mm image diagonal
  • 38 images per second in color
  • High image contrast with 14 bit signal conversion
  • Optimum 4.54 micron pixels for best combination of resolution and light sensitivity
  • Fast quad-port read-out with global shutter architecture for distortion-free images
  • Active thermal stabilization of the sensor for extremely reproducible image quality
  • Easy to use super-speed USB 3.0 connection
  • Color and black & white imaging modes
  • Thermo electrical cooled sensor


ZEISS Axiocam 503 color

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