Axiocam 506 color
ZEISS Axiocam 506 color
Fast, in True Color and High-Resolution

Axiocam 506 color

Take Images of Large Sample Areas in the Shortest Time

Steel Ferrit Perlit

Axiocam 506 color is your 6 megapixel color camera with a 1" sensor and an image diagonal of 16 mm.
Combined with the large number of pixels (2752 horizontal pixels × 2208 vertical pixels), you benefit from a field of view twice as large as that of 2/3" cameras. As a result, you always have a good overview of your sample and enjoy an extremely fast live view of up 19 images/s in full resolution.

Axiocam 506 color offers a dynamic range of 1:2500 – making the finest color differences and tiniest details visible in lossless quality. The Peltier cooling guarantees low-noise and reproducible color image quality, even with longer exposure times and dark sample areas.


  • Fast scanning of larger sample areas
  • Ideal use of the microscopic field of view: Overview of the sample thanks to twice the field of view compared to 2/3" cameras
  • Simple connection to a PC using USB 3.0 interface technology with 5 gigabit data transfer rate
  • Quad-port, high-end CCD sensor technology for optimal image acquisition speed
  • Rapid live image in full-screen mode with 19 images/second or with HDTV image view at up to 33 fps
  • Dynamic range of 1:2500 for optimized color reproduction
  • 4.54 µm pixels for the highest resolution of fine structures



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Axiocam 506 color

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