Laser Microdissection & Optical Tweezers - PALM Accessories & Capture Devices
Laser Microdissection & Optical Tweezers

Laser Microdissection & Optical Tweezers


  • Use MicroBeam with standard tubes and glass slides
  • Additionally you can make use of tailor made consumables and accessories for all kinds of living cells and routinely used materials such as paraffin-embedded or cryogenic tissue sections

Working with fixed material

  • Membrane Slides to maintain morphological integrity
  • Collection device such as caps, strips or 96-well microtiterplates with adhesive material filling for dry collection or buffer for individual needs


Live Cells

  • Culture dishes even for small amounts of culture medium
  • Positive or negative isolation
  • Micromanipulation of living human, animal or plant cells


Incubator PM PALM S1

  • Temperature, humidity and CO2 can be controlled by ZEISS Software
  • Stable conditions for temperature, humidity and CO2
  • The modular concept - One Heated Plate for all: Insert Kit allows loading of 50mm or 35mm dishes and regular slides (1mm or 0.17mm)
  • Easy handling: Take off the Heated Lid to start LCM without moving the stage or inserts
  • Optimize your Optical Tweezers application: ZEISS FluidCell fits into the Heated Plate Inserts
  • Cultivation and simultaneous video documentation for your time-lapse experiments, even for observation periods over days


Incubator XL PALM S1

  • Microdissection and micromanipulation in an entirely enclosed compartment
  • Uniform warm air environment
  • Optional with software based temperature control

LiveCell Collector

  • Working in a sterile environment
  • Selective isolation and recultivation of adherent growing cells

Capture Devices

RoboMover and CapMover are the fully automated and computer controlled collection mechanisms of the Microbeam systems.


The RoboMover is the advanced form of the CapMover. It enables, for example, the exact division of several selected elements into different Caps or even in the recess of a microtiter plate. The RoboMover automatically sorts the color-coded specimens into the pre-set collection devices. In this manner, hundreds of specimens can be precisely sorted and collected.

  • Fast, convenient and very flexible device
  • For single experiments or complex applications: load either a single cap, eight caps, up to 12 eight cap strips or a 96 well plate
  • Fully automated control of capture devices
  • Software control to your convenience: Manage the distribution of your selected laser areas before starting your experiment. Implicate the capture device with every single element



The CapMover locates a microfuge tube lid over the capture position of a specimen slide or cell culture dish. The special advantage of the CapMover lies in its ease of use: with a mouseclick it is positioned exactly over the specimen, with another click of the mouse you can conduct the CapCheck function.

  • Software controlled CapCheck of the catapulted samples: morphological intact
  • With one mouseclick it is positioned exactly over the specimen
  • Easy loading of the capture device
  • Optimized collectors for histological samples or live cell work