AxioVision MAT for Image Acquisition


Developed to analyze large metallic surfaces, MosaiX allows the sample area to be scanned in order to generate one single large image. This electronically created image can thus serve as a map to navigate the sample and provides a basis for further analyses. For each fluorescence excitation wavelength, the relevant channel is acquired with the optimal exposure time. The advantage: you structure your experiments flexibly and perform even highly complex multichannel experiments simply.

Z Stack

In order to generate Z-stacks, the software controls the Z-drive of a motorized microscope in exact steps and synchronizes it with the image. You are free to either determine the focusing steps yourself or have them automatically computed.

The advantage of this module: optimal detection of information in the third dimension.

In addition, with the OrthoView function, even the entrylevel version of AxioVision provides you with a highly effective technique for the Z-stack analysis.

Good to know: Visualize image stacks in the cut view mode available in AxioVision or in the freeware version AxioVision LE. Analyzing image stacks does not require the Z-Stack module, so you are free to share your images with colleagues.


Extended Focus

Detailed in all planes
A microscope’s depth of field alone is often insufficient to obtain an image that is sharp over the entire thickness of the sample. The solution is to simply acquire a number of images whilst focusing through the foreground and background of the specimen. The Extended Focus module then combines the sharp areas of each plane to create an image that is sharp throughout.

New Wavelet technique and automatic alignment of stereomicroscopic images.

The Extended Focus module analyzes each individual image in accordance with the innovative wavelet method. Not only is the area surrounding each sharp area analyzed, but the entire image content is also interpreted.

Would you like to use a stereomicroscope? If so, AxioVision now automatically corrects the shift in the image stack caused by the different perspective.



The Autofocus module calculates the optimal focal position for a sample in reflected light and transmitted light. The system is calibrated for each objective so that the software focuses accurately every time. For images who are recorded at different positions the system refocuses automatically. This is a perfect solution for scanning processes like for example adjusting focus during acquisition with our Mark&Find module.

HDR Image Acquisition

This module was developed for high-contrast motifs. You will often find that your camera is unable to acquire all the contrast information in your samples. With High Dynamic Range you can capture details from bright image regions together with structures from dark positions in a single image. HDR Image Acquisition generates an image with increased dynamic range from several images with different exposure times. The additional information is made available, which you can use to achieve even more precise and even more meaningful measurement results. You benefit from enhanced image quality, as the acquisition technique results in reduced image noise.


This module is ideal for samples which do not fit into the image frame. You can create high-resolution panorama or overview images with pixel accuracy from individual pictures. Even overlapping images can be combined so precisely that all the important details of your sample are recorded in a single image.

Mark & Find

With Mark&Find you can mark and save all positions of interest on your sample. These can then be retrieved as position lists at any time and further images of them acquired. Your advantage: Multiple datasets can be extracted from the same sample. You acquire a greater number of analysable images. And you save time.

Time Lapse

The Time Lapse module allows you to control the microscope, camera and hardware components precisely to generate a meaningful documentation of the processes in your samples. Observing experiments, investigating changes over time, documenting results clearly - with this module, you can precisely control both image and microscope. The additional advantage for you: in the case of images that are acquired over time or at different positions, the system continually refocuses automatically.

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