ZEISS Labscope for Windows

ZEISS Labscope for Windows – Share Your Microscopic Samples with Labscope for Windows

ZEISS Labscope for Windows

Your Imaging Software for Digital Classroom and Laboratory Routine

Labscope is your easy-to-use imaging software for connected microscopy. Be it in the laboratory, university, school or even for your hobby – with Labscope you snap images, records videos and measure your microscopic samples, easier than ever. Transform your ZEISS network-compatible microscopes into Wi-Fi-enabled imaging systems. You can easily create digital classrooms or digital labs. Connect to any of the microscopes at any point in time, from anywhere within your room. And then, share your images with the touch of your fingers.


Enjoy Connected Microscopy

  • Transform your student lab into a Wi-Fi-enabled network
  • Display all the live images from the connected microscopes
  • Project images of any microscope to the wall or on a big TV

Labscope just works

  • Use a traditional Windows PC with mouse and keyboard, a Windows 10 tablet with touch, the iPad or the larger iPad Pro, or even an iPhone - Labscope runs on all of these devices
  • Easily switch between microscopes and getting real-time thumbnails of all microscopes in the room
  • Or skip the network and connect your ZEISS microscope to any Windows computer, via USB cable

Experience Powerful Features with Every Touch

  • Access cameras from multiple microscopes simultaneously from only one device
  • Involve your students to measure, annotate and document their results by easily snapping images or record videos
  • Labscope works easily by touch and gesture control



Additionally, adding the labscope-windows_update_check.xml file to your Labscope installation folder will provide you with update notifications when connected to the Internet.

ZEISS Labscope

Your Imaging App for Connected Microscopy

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Your Imaging App for Connected Microscopy

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Create Your Own Digital Classroom

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