ZEISS Grain Size Color Map Workflow

From the SolutionsLab for visualizing grain size distribution.

Determining grain sizes is a critical analysis to be performed for many sample types due to the fact it can provide insight into a number engineering and mechanical properties such as permeability, strength, and expansivity. As a way to help visualize the grain size distribution in a sample, a color mapping feature has been added onto the existing ZEISS Grain Size Analysis workflows that use the intercept, comparison, or planimetric method. The graphic provides positional information on grain size density and is helpful in finding patterns or anomalies in grain size distributions.


Area of Research:

  • Natural Resources

Sample Types:

  • Petrographic or soil samples with distinguishable grains

Related Solutions:

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  1. Acquire a normal or tiled image.
  2. Perform grain size analysis, using the intercept, comparison, or planimetric methods.
  3. View the grain size color map and change the opacity of the annotations as desired.
  4. Choose folder to save grain size color map and grain size analysis reporting.
ZEISS Grain Size Color Map Workflow
Though the recommended sample type is one with mineral grains, this is an example of a colormap overlaid on an electronic sample that helps in visualizing a certain component density.

Required components

  • ZEISS Light Microscope
  • ZEN Core
  • ZEISS Grain Size Color Map Workflow

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