ZEISS Pseudo 3D Micrograph Workflow

From the SolutionsLab to create visualizations of 3D structures from 2D images

Producing a visualization of a sample’s 3D microstructure can be a helpful and intuitive way to understand it’s internal morphology. It’s also an easy and effective method in sharing the anisotropic microstructure of a sample with others that is popular in textbooks, presentations, and publications. This is a streamlined utility that allows for customization in producing these pseudo 3D graphics.


Area of Research:

  • Natural Resources
  • Metals

Sample Types:

  • Any sample with an anisotropic microstructure

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  1. Load 3 x 2D micrographs of a sample taken at perpendicular orientations.
  2. Choose the size and regions of the images you want to be represented in pseudo 3D micrograph.
  3. Select folder where the pseudo 3D micrograph and cropped images will be saved.
ZEISS Pseudo 3D Micrograph Workflow

An example of a pseudo 3D micrograph given 3 x 2D images.

Required components

  • ZEN Core
  • ZEISS Pseudo 3D Micrograph Workflow and executable

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