ZEISS ZAPHIRE offline evaluation

Bridging Microscopy and Metrology

NEO pixel in the industrial quality lab, running on Smartzoom 5 digital microscope

Enable precise metrology at a microscopic scale.

Workpieces are getting smaller, manufacturing tools are able to produce impressively small features with very ambitious tolerances. To assure quality, you have to measure features too small for the human eye to see.

With the ZEISS ZAPHIRE offline evaluation function, which is directly integrated into the ZEISS ZAPHIRE software, ZEISS offers optimized functions for importing microscopy data and brings metrology functionalities to microscopy - giving you higher quality and better productivity.

Function Highlights of ZEISS ZAPHIRE offline evaluation

Measure microscopy images automatically, with reliable user-independent results

  • Create measurement plans based on example workpieces, using automatic feature detection.
  • Perform predefined measurement tasks automatically and user-independently.
  • Compare your measurements with CAD data to check for deviations.
  • Generate reports with ZEISS PiWeb.
  • Export data for further analysis.
  • Share inspection plans and results with colleagues in other labs.
  • Use ZEISS ZAPHIRE offline evaluation with all ZEISS microscopes.


Installation File

ZEISS Zaphire

Product Report ZEISS Smartzoom 5 with ZEISS ZAPHIRE

Learn how ZEISS microscopes are taking over the measuring lab.

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Product Report ZEISS Smartzoom 5 with ZEISS ZAPHIRE

Read the full interview with Dr. Robert Zarnetta, Head of Industrial Microscopy Solutions at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, and learn how ZEISS microscopes are taking over the measuring lab.

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