ZEISS ZEN Image Analysis
Image Analysis

ZEN for Image Analysis

Image Analysis

Would you like to generate automatic measurement procedures simply yourself? The ZEN Image Analysis module makes it possible for you to do this, even without programming knowledge. With our measurement program wizard you tackle even complex measurement tasks yourself in just a few minutes. Once created, the programs are always available to be used for an unlimited number of images. You retain full control over the measurement process at all times.

Each step can be changed interactively before it is performed. Even processes that run automatically can be easily interrupted if necessary, allowing you to adjust the settings to your requirements. If desired, you can of course also use the Image Analysis module to export all your measurement data simply in the Excel-compatible CSV table format and process them further as you wish.

ZEN: Module Interactive Measurement

ZEN: Module Interactive Measurement

Interactive Measurement

Measure microscopic structures interactively. Generate gray value profiles of cell organelles. Trace the contour of a cell nucleus with your mouse to determine its area. Count cells simply by clicking on them.

With the ZEN and the Interactive Measurement module you define yourself which of the 90 plus morphological parameters available are measured in your images. The Contour tool, for example, allows you to determine the area, diameter and perimeter of a cell simultaneously. You perform a comprehensive and precise analysis of the cell in a single operation, even in the online image. For each tool you can specify which measurement results you want ZEN to show in your image.

The Interactive Measurement module also enables you to present your measurement data impressively in the form of a table, list or graph. ZEN 2011 saves your measurements together with the image data in the new CZI file format. This means that you can export your measurement data at any time in Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV format for documentation or further analyses.

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