ORION NanoFab – Your 3-in-1 Multibeam Ion Microscope for Sub-10nm Nanostructuring

ORION NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope

Move beyond sub-10nanometer imaging of charged specimens and nanofabrication applications

Fabricate sub-10nm Nanostructures with Speed and Precision

Seamlessly switch between gallium, neon and helium beams with ORION NanoFab:

  • Use the neon beam to machine nanostructures at great speed and achieve high throughput.
  • Use the helium beam to create delicate sub-10 nm structures.
  • Use optional gallium FIB to remove massive material.

With ORION NanoFab you profit from the only system in the world that covers the complete range of micromachining to nanomachining applications using gallium, neon and helium ion beams integrated in a single instrument.

What our customers say

"The Orion Helium Ion Microscope is a unique platform for our research and technology activities in instrument development for nano-analytics, leading to exciting capabilities for cutting edge nano-imaging, nano-analysis and correlative microscopy."

Tom Wirtz
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Belvaux, Luxembourg

May 7, 2015


  • Fast machining of sub-10 nm structures
    Use neon and helium ion beams to create delicate sub-10 nanometer structures that demand extremely high machining fidelity. Whether your application is material removal using sputtering, gas induced etching or deposition or lithography, ORION NanoFab excels in sub-10 nm fabrication with speed and ease.

  • Three beams in one instrument
    Use gallium FIB to remove massive material. Take advantage of the neon beam for precision nanomachining with speed or use the helium beam to fabricate delicate sub-10 nm structures. With neon and helium ion beams you avoid deposit contamination.

  • High resolution imaging
    With imaging resolution of 0.5 nm, ORION NanoFab generates high resolution images of your sample in the same instrument that you used for fabrication. Gain new insights with images that have 5 to 10 times greater depth of field when compared to images acquired with FE-SEMs.


Orion NanoFab features the Nanopatterning and Visualization Engine - an integrated hardware and software control system. NVPE incorporates a dedicated 16 bit scan generator for each NanoFab column and dual signal acquisition hardware supporting real-time advanced patterning and visualization. Completely control the beam by a GUI: create a range of fully editable shapes including rectangles, trapezoids, polygons, lines, polylines, ellipses and spots. Vectorfill these shapes while maintaining full control over dose variation and patterning parameters.

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