SEM EVO Mineralogic System Scanning Electron Microscope
Mineralogic Mining
Unique textural analysis solution for ore characterization

Mineralogic Mining Systems

Your Solution for Automated Mineral Analysis

ZEISS Mineralogic is your geological investigation tool, answering a wide range of questions of your sample. From dedicated high throughput mineral liberation workflows to in-depth fundamental geoscientific investigations.

The combination of image processing, standards-based quantitative EDS, image analysis and reporting toolkits can be configured to interrogate even the most challenging samples.


Expand your possibilities with ZEISS Atlas 5

With Atlas 5 you can compare and correlate data from any ZEISS microscope system. Combine images from the same region of interest, acquired with optical, electron, ion and X-ray microscopes. Atlas 5 is your disrputive technology for correlative data interaction in mining and geoscience.


Tailor your system to analyze any mineral

  • For maximum accuracy, use the highly sensitive technique of fully quantitative, standards-based EDS
  • For the fastest analysis speeds, choose BSD greyscale mineral classification
  • Combine both techniques with morpho-chemical mineral classifications to achieve highest flexibility

Simple Ore Body Characterization

  • Easily characterize new ore bodies using quantitative EDS
  • Create a mineral library to classify an unknown ore body in just hours instead of weeks with advanced data reporting suite
  • Significantly reduce the need to use XRD or microprobe data

Count on High Productivity

  • Measure and classify minerals in real-time
  • Use the advanced reporting tool to generate comprehensive reports
  • Achieve maximum automation and productivity with a 16-stub sample holder and a range of ZEISS SEMs, configurable between one and four energy dispersive spectrometers (EDS)


With Mineralogic Mining you carry out fully quantitative evaluation throughout the process of ore exploration, recovery and tailings-control.

Use Mineralogic Mining for:

  • Quantification of ore types based on chemical and textural characteristics
  • Predictive behavior for mineral processing of mine blocks
  • Blending strategies of bulk commodities
  • Ore valuation and ore characterization 
  • Environmental control and forensics
  • Mineral mapping
  • Cement analysis and applied mineralogy
  • Lithotyping 


Choose the ZEISS SEM platform that best suits your applications: conventional, field emission or ruggedized systems.

ZEISS EVO for 24/7 Ore Process Control

  • ZEISS EVO is the industry standard platform for automated mineralogy and is in operation worldwide in mineral processing laboratories
  • The column isolation valve allows fast sample transfer and chamber pumpdown, making it the ideal SEM for 24/7 ore processing
  • Choose between three chamber sizes – 10, 15 or 25 – to get the right system for your application
  • Use EVO in variable pressure mode for easy analysis of uncoated samples, shortening your time to result
  • Enhance your resolution capability and source lifetime by selecting a LaBelectron source

ZEISS SIGMA for Research into Ore Processing

  • SIGMA is a high resolution field emission SEM capable of nanoscale imaging
  • Distinguish minerals of similar average atomic weight by grayscale alone (0.07 atomic mass unit resolution)
  • The multi-purpose nature of SIGMA allows it to perform a range of complementary analytical techniques for maximum flexibility

MinSCAN Ruggedized SEM hardware for challenging environments

  • Use the data from ZEISS MinSCAN to increase profitability with greater process control and reduced losses to tailings
  • Operate the system and interpret results from anywhere in the world to remotely optimize data, methods and workflows
  • Over 100 ruggedized SEM installations worldwide covering a range of challenging environments and applications