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Mineralogic Reservoir

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Mineralogic Reservoir Systems

Your Dedicated Solution for Digital Petrophysical Analysis


Characterize rock texture with submicron precision using the industry standard in oil and gas automated mineralogy.

Mineralogic Reservoir combines a scanning electron microscope with one or more EDS detectors, a mineral analysis engine and a range of oil and gas specific outputs.

Mineralogic Reservoir is the industry's petrographic investigation tool of choice, answering a wide range of questions of your sample to enhance extractive processes and give operators a leading edge in recovery.



Tailor Your Mineral Classification Technique

  • For maximum accuracy, use the highly sensitive technique of fully quantitative EDS
  • For the fastest analysis speeds, choose BSD greyscale mineral classification
  • Combine both techniques with morphology-based mineral classification to achieve highest flexibility

Classify Unknown Samples Easily

  • Easily characterize rock textures using quantitative EDS
  • Create a mineral classification library for a new sample in just hours instead of weeks, significantly reducing the need to use XRD or microphobe data
  • Copy mineral libraries to other instruments as they are not machine specific

Count on High Productivity

  • Measure and classify minerals in real-time
  • Use the advanced reporting tool to generate comprehensive reports
  • Achieve maximum automation and productivity with a 16-stub sample holder and a range of ZEISS SEMs, configurable between one and four energy dispersive spectrometers (EDS)


With Mineralogic Reservoir you carry out fully quantitative evaluation throughout the process of ore exploration, discovery and production.

Use Mineralogic Reservoir for:

  • Pore imaging
  • Pore morphology
  • Porosity quantification
  • Frackability
  • Bulk mineralogy
  • Oil & gas window marker identification
  • Lithotyping
  • Mineral mapping
  • Digital rock physics modelling
  • Multiscale imaging workflow
  • Clay classification
  • Organics imaging
  • Organic morphology
  • Organic quantification 



Choose the ZEISS SEM platform that best suits your applications: conventional, field emission or ruggedized systems.

ZEISS EVO for 24/7 Operation

  • ZEISS EVO is the industry standard platform for automated mineralogy and is in operation worldwide in mineral processing laboratories
  • The column isolation valve allows fast sample transfer and chamber pumpdown, making it the ideal SEM for 24/7 operation
  • Choose between three chamber sizes – 10, 15 or 25 – to get the right system for your application
  • Use EVO in variable pressure mode for easy analysis of uncoated samples and organics, shortening your time to result
  • Enhance your resolution capability with a choice of three beam source technologies including LaB6

ZEISS SIGMA HD for High Speed Mineral Mapping

  • ZEISS SIGMA HD has two dedicated diametrically opposite EDS ports for high speed mineral mapping with an optional third port for the highest detector solid angle on the market
  • Combined with the high definition BSD, SIGMA HD provides both unrivalled materials contrast and high count rate X-Ray detection for ultimate productivity during mapping
  • SIGMA HD is available in both high vacuum and variable pressure configurations and comes as standard with dedicated SE1 and SE2 detectors for superior porosity analysis

ZEISS Crossbeam for 3D Correlation

  • ZEISS Crossbeam is the most advanced high throughput focused ion beam platform ever produced
  • Capable of gallium ion milling currents of 100 nA, a 15 x 15 x 15 micron data cube can now be acquired in just 8 hours with sub 10 nm z resolution
  • Performing automated mineral analysis in situ drastically enhances workflow productivity while automatically correlating 2D and 3D datasets