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Your Ruggedized Mine-site Mineralogical Analyzer


Use the data from ZEISS MinSCAN to increase profits through greater concentrate quality and reduced losses to tailings. Rapidly troubleshoot recovery issues, optimize plant performance and complement assays by giving metallurgists, mine managers and superintendents the confidence to make effective decisions based on quantitative data.

ZEISS MinSCAN marks a step change in automated mineralogy technology, building on the unrivaled pedigree of ZEISS to supply rugged SEM hardware for challenging environments. In collaboration with its key industry partners, ZEISS introduces a complete field proven end to end solution to industry for the first time.



View and Manage Your Results

  • Sort particles and grains, viewing individual particles, grains, pores or fields of view
  • Create large mineral maps and BSD grayscale montages
  • Enjoy the convenience of modifying mineral classifications

Remote Data Interpretation

  • Operate from anywhere in the world
  • Quickly export data for further handling
  • Transfer to the cloud to be interrogated by the ZEISS apps team for improved results, methods and workflows

Be in Direct Contact with Your Instrument Wherever You Are

  • Fully connect remotely for diagnostic, monitoring and data export
  • Interpret results anywhere in the world
  • Enable your global team to be a mouse-click away


With MinSCAN, you can produce trending data by running bulk mineralogy analyses 24/7.

Use MinSCAN for troubleshooting, plant monitoring, early gangue rejection, feasibility and exploration:

  • Model Mineralogy
  • Assay
  • Mineral association
  • Liberation
  • Particle size distribution
  • Grain size distribution
  • Exposed particle surface
  • Daily, weekly, monthly trend charts
  • Grade recovery curve
  • Cumulative liberation yield



The Core of Your Mine-Site Mineralogy Laboratory

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