ZEISS upgrades to improve performance and life time

FIB-SEM Upgrades for an Increased Lifetime and Extended Functionality

Learn More about FIB-SEM Upgrades

And their Benefits for Your Processes

Get more information about the Focused Ion Beam, Gas Injection System and Micromanipulator.Analyze your sample through a wide range of different detectors, e.g. for backscattered electrons and secondary electrons.Upgrade your microscope with additional accessories such as sample holders and motorized objective apertures. Create structures in nanometer range by either removing or applying surface material and using different systems (e.g. Atomic Force Microscope). Increase your convenience and facilitate your work routine e.g. reduced loading time and increased sample throughput through the Airlock or a significantly reduced noise level through the Vac Quiet Mode.Explore our latest PC-Hardware, Software versions and license extensions.

Other Upgrades

Detectors & Analytics

Analyze your sample through a wide range of different detectors. Different detectors allow you to receive various types of information about the surface, composition and other details which will help you to improve and ease your processes.

aSTEM Detector
Get Maximum Information Thanks to Optimized Annular Design

Add transmitted electron imaging capability to your FE-SEM or Crossbeam system. Get additional information out of your ultrathin biological or solid-state specimens without need to use a dedicated Transmission Electron Microscope and enjoy flexibility and versatility.

  • Improved image resolution
  • Ease of use
  • Higher productivity and versatility
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EsB Detector
Make Sub-Surface Information and Nano-Scale Composition Visible

The Energy selective Backscattered (EsB) Detector is suitable for clear compositional contrast. It is an annular shaped incolumn detector that is located above the In-lens detector. The ability to detect BSE makes sub-surface information and nano-scale composition visible.

  • More detailed material information
  • Reduced topography effects
  • Energy selective material contrast
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SESI Detector
Get Detailed and Rich Information by Detecting Secondary Electrons and Ions

The Secondary Electrons Secondary Ions (SESI) Detector is a new type of detector available for Crossbeam workstations. This detector allows the acquisition of FIB secondary ion images or electron images.

  • 2-in-1: get information through electrons and ions
  • More detailed material information
  • Wide range of combination options
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BSD Detector

The BSD4 detector is used to detect backscattered electrons that have been scattered under very low angles. The COMPO-Mode is suitable to produce high quality material contrast, meaning heavy materials are displayed brighter than lightweight materials.


  • Improve low-kV performance
  • Enhanced imaging contrast
  • Steady temperature level

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Focused Ion Beam (FIB) / Gas Injection System (GIS)

Get more information about the Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and benefit from full sputtering capability and micro- and nano-machining tool functionality. The Gas Injection System (GIS) allows you a deposition of various materials on the specimen. Use the FIB-SIMS to analyze the composition of solid surfaces and thin films and receive detailed information through in-situ lamella viewing with the Micromanipulator.

FIB Column
Upgrade to a Crossbeam Workstation – Enables Micro- and Nano-Structuring with a FIB Column

Combine imaging and analytical performance of your Gemini column with the ability of a next generation Focused Ion Beam (FIB). Benefit from full sputtering capability and micro- and nano-machining tool functionality of a FIB upgrade.

  • Gain maximum information
  • Keep full process control
  • Experience maximum flexibility
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ZEISS FIB Cobra Promotion (20% Promotion Discount)

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Single/Multi GIS
Deposit Metal and Insulating Materials Easily

The Single/Multi GIS allows to inject a process gas on the specimen surface for electron beam- or ion beam induced deposition of metals and insulators.

  • Deposition of various materials
  • Wide assortment of precursors
  • Convenient handling
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Deposit Materials with Greatly Improved Performance

ZEISS UniGIS (GIS = Gas Injection System) is a new single gas injection system used for ion or electron beam induced deposition (IBID /EBID) of precursors such as platinum, tungsten or carbon with ZEISS FIB-SEM systems.


  • Process stability
  • Convenient handling
  • Reliable deposition

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FIB-Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Analyze the Composition of Solid Surfaces and Thin Films

FIB-SIMS is a very powerful surface analytical technique especially for high sensitivity nano-scale materials analysis. Elemental detection limits range from parts per million to parts per billion. Generate elemental surface, image and depth profile information by mass spectrometry.

  • Powerful surface analysis
  • Improved resolution
  • Depth profiling
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Nanostructuring & Patterning

Create structures in nanometer range by either removing or applying surface material and using different systems (e.g. Atomic Force Microscope), or benefit from multi-modal images and comprehensive multiscale with the various options of ZEISS Atlas 5.

Atomic Force Microscope
Upgrade to 3D Resolution at Atomic Level

The Atomic Force Microscope adds calibrated, atomic-level, 3D resolution and high resolution measurements to the existing SEM functionalities.

  • Learn about the mechanical, electrical, chemical and magnetic properties of your sample’s surface
  • Increased productivity and versatility as well as convenient handling
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Atlas 5
Master Your Multi-scale Challenge

ZEISS Atlas 5 makes your life easier: create comprehensive multiscale, multi-modal images with a sample-centric correlative environment.

  • Correlate images in multiple dimensions from multiple sources
  • Fast and easy image acquisition
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Software & Workstation

Explore our latest software versions and extended functionality through license options as well as the current recommended high performance PC-Hardware to optimize your systems performance.

SEM Workstation
Efficient Workflows, Intuitive Navigation and Faster File Search

The ZEISS Workstation upgrade improves the daily process by using the latest SmartSEM software, high performance hardware specification and latest operating system.

  • Latest SmartSEM version
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Windows 10
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Software Module Catalog
Extend the Functionality and Performance of Your Microscope

Add new and improve existing functionality through our broad range of licenses which will help you to improve your processes, ease the use of your system and have tools to receive more information.

  • Improve your processes by new functionality
  • More comfortable usage
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Shuttle & Find

With Shuttle & Find you connect your electron microscope and light microscope from ZEISS. The combined hardware and software solution enables you to transfer your specimen from one microscope system to another within just minutes.


  • Receive more information
  • Fast calibration
  • Flexible choice of components

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Vacuum & Ease of Use

Increase your convenience and facilitate your work routine e.g. reduced loading time and increased sample throughput through the Airlock or a significantly reduced noise level through the Vac Quiet Mode. Decontaminate your specimen and chamber with the Plasma Cleaner or improve image quality through the compensation of charging effect with the Flood Gun or the Charge Compensation.

Reduce Loading Time – Increase Sample Throughput

The airlock allows efficient loading of samples without breaking the existing vacuum and thus reducing the risk of contamination of the sample chamber. By using this method sample exchange time is also significantly reduced.

  • Significantly increased throughput
  • Loading of large samples
  • Ergonomic and convenient handling
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Charge Compensation
Benefit from Less Charging Effects and an In-situ Cleani ng Option

The Charge Compensation system offers localized discharging of non-conductive specimens by ionization of nitrogen. High resolution combined with an additional expansion of analytical capabilities are, with the integration of a Charge Compensation system, not restricted to conductive samples only but can also be executed for all kinds of non-conductive samples.


  • Capture non-conductive specimens
  • Improve image quality
  • Increased productivity and variety

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Flood Gun
Discharge Non-Conductive Samples

The Flood Gun is an enhanced device for charge neutralization on positive charged insulator or semiconductor specimens. It provides a steady flow of low-energy electrons to discharge an area on the sample where the focused ion beam has left a net positive charge.

  • Charge neutralization
  • Enhanced imaging
  • Damage prevention
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Plasma Cleaner
Clean Your Chamber Quickly and Effectively

ZEISS offers you a fast and cost-efficient solution for specimen and chamber decontamination. A Plasma Cleaner is used to generate reactive gas-phase radicals in a plasma. The radicals migrate into the instrument chamber and chemically react with the unwanted hydrocarbons.

  • Improved image quality
  • Fast specimen decontamination
  • Safe decontamination
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Vac Quiet Mode
Reduce Noise and Save Energy

By using Vac Quiet Mode and with help from a vacuum reservoir the pre-pump is automatically switched off after reaching a factory pre-set vacuum level. The vacuum reservoir allows the system to be operated for hours without the need of the pre-pump. This results in both the reduction of noise levels and energy consumption.

  • More comfortable application
  • High definition imaging
  • Energy-saving
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Other Accessories

Upgrade your microscope with additional accessories such as sample holders, the latest version of our dual joystick controller and control panel or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which ensures the safety of your system in case of a power failure.

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Secure Your Microscope in Case of a Power Failure and Prevent Data Loss

An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) will be used if there is no steady supply of electrical power possible. It is designed to bridge short power failures and to shut down the microscope in a controlled manner during longer power failures.

  • Bridge brief power failures
  • Safety for your microscope
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Dual Joystick and Control Panel

With the Dual Joystick Controller and the Control Panel installed, operating becomes much more comfortable. The Dual Joystick Controller can be used for stage control and specimen navigation and the Control Panel gives you easy access to the most frequently used functions of the SEM.

  • Many compensation possibilities
  • Various configuration options
  • Convenient handling
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