ZEISS Stemi 508

Greenough Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom

Your Compact, Reliable Greenough Stereo Microscope

For Excellent Image Contrast and Color Accuracy

With ZEISS Stemi 508 you observe and document your samples exactly as they are: rich in detail, sharp in focus and free from distortion or color fringes. Stemi 508 is your robust all-rounder for everyday lab work and industrial inspections.

Equipped with apochromatic optics you acquire images of outstanding image contrast and color accuracy. Its mechanics is designed for heavy workloads. With the large up to 36 mm object field you always keep the overview of your sample. The 8:1 zoom then allows to bring details up to 50× magnification. Add interchangeable optics and observe an area of up to 122 mm. Stemi 508 offers better ergonomics than any other Greenough-type stereo microscope: The low viewing angle of 35° lets you keep a relaxed posture even after hours of work.


  • Large Field of View and Apochromatic Correction
  • ZEISS Stemi 508's apochromatic zoom optics* and efficient stray light suppression give you a crisp three-dimensional image, distortion-free, without color fringes.
  • Visualize objects in fields of view up to 122 mm.The large 8:1 zoom lets you observe even minute structures in high contrast.
  • Use interchangeable apochromatic front optics and eyepieces to reach any magnification between 2× and 250×. Double your resolution or enjoy large working distances up to 287 mm without compromising optical quality.

Apochromatic Optics

In 1886 ZEISS produced the first apochromatic microscope lens, a color-corrected objective lens for three wavelengths based on the calculations of Ernst Abbe. The foundation for this achievement was in part the concerted attempts by Abbe and Schott to improve optical glass.

Apochromatic lenses correct the lens error for three colors (red, green and blue) of the color spectrum by bringing the three wavelengths into focus in the same plane. Apochromatic objectives therefore produce images which are sharper and brilliant. Especially when image quality is of importance doing evaluations and documentation apochromatic objectives are beneficial.

Stemi 508 is equipped with apochromatic optics for outstanding color accuracy and image contrast
Stemi 508 is equipped with apochromatic optics for outstanding color accuracy and image contrast
  • Precise Mechanics for Heavy Workloads
  • Stemi 508 is designed for heavy workloads, using durable and reliable mechanics.
  • Enjoy a well-balanced 3D impression: whether you zoom continuously variable or in reproducible mode by activating click stops - the image stays sharply focused over the whole magnification range.
  • Thanks to the low viewing angle of 35°, Stemi 508 is more ergonomic than any other Greenough-type stereo microscope. You appreciate a comfortable posture even if you work on the microscope for long hours.
  • Created for All Your Applications
  • Choose from compact stands to flexible and stable boom stands, from basic transmitted light to polarization contrast to get exactly what you need for your application.
  • Position your specimen precisely by adding a gliding, tilting or rotating polarization stage.
  • With Stemi 508 doc, there’s always a c-mount adapter for ZEISS Axiocam cameras included – interchangeable, to adapt any SLR camera or camcorder

Microscope Stands

Stand M - Generous Sample Space. Large Focusing Range. Including LED Illumination.

Stand M - Generous Sample Space. Large Focusing Range. Including LED Illumination.

  • ZEISS Stemi 508 with stand M provides a large sample space. Easily handle large specimen or several Petri dishes in parallel. Cope even with big industrial workpieces.
  • The memory section of stand M LED allows storing and quick recall of up to three specific illumination conditions.
  • Stand M LED can easily be equipped with transmitted light: Choose between mirror-based transillumination unit M LED or the flat brightfield-darkfield transilluminator, that is integrated in the stand base without adding height.
Stand K - Compact, All-in-one, Including Illumination

Stand K - Compact, All-in-one, Including Illumination
With its small footprint and integrated LED illumination, a K stand turns your ZEISS Stemi 508 into a compact all-in-one device that's easy-to-use and quick to pack up and reinstall wherever it's needed:

  • Stand K EDU is the smart choice for classroom environments with its flat transmitted light unit for bright- and darkfield.
  • Stand K LAB's mirror-based transmitted light with the tiltable and shiftable mirror features brightfield, one-sided darkfield and oblique light - plus qualitative polarization contrast as an option.
  • Stand K MAT optimizes your Stemi 508 for quality inspection or small parts assembly with reflected light control and ESD features.

Stand N - Sophisticated Stand, Stages, Intense Fiber Optics

Stand N - Sophisticated Stand, Stages, Intense Fiber Optics

  • Stand N is equipped with a large stand base, 350 or 450 mm high column and Stemi carrier for precise focusing of specimens with a large footprint or increased height.
  • To tilt, move or rotate your specimen, Stemi 508 offers ball-and-socket, gliding and rotating polarization stages.
  • The CL4500 LED fiber optic cold light source delivers daylight quality, especially optimal for color critical applications. To receive special illumination contrasts choose ringlights for shadow-free bright- or darkfield illumination, single and dual spots for distinct shadow effects, line light for grazing light, diffuse illuminations for avoiding hotspots, or use polarization equipment to eliminate reflections.
Boom Stands - Stable, Flexible, with Large Operating Range

Boom Stands - Stable, Flexible, with Large Operating Range

  • Use boom stands to observe large objects, to find and investigate a small specimen in a very large area of interest or to swing your microscope quickly and flexibly between workplaces.
  • Big stands with extension arms make it easy to move your Stemi 508 to any point in a large operating range. It always remains stable enough to observe small object details in a smooth, steady image.
  • Choose between boom stand A with a single extension arm or the stable and easy-to-move ball-bearing boom stand SDA with a double extension arm. Or, opt for the spring-balanced tilting arm stand U, well balanced in height and flexible enough to adjust to each point in a large specimen volume


Stemi 508 - reflected light illumination

Reflected light illumination

  • LED spot K, zoomable and height adjustable, for oblique and grazing light illumination with strong shadow
  • Double spot arm gooseneck, self-carrying, for variable oblique light illumination with distinct shadow effect
  • LED segmentable ring light for shadow free ring illumination and oblique light segment illumination: half circle, quarter circle, two-spot
Stemi 508 - transmitted light illumination

Transmitted light illumination

  • Flat transmitted light base for brightfield and darkfield illumination
  • Tiltable mirror base for brightfield, darkfield and oblique light illumination


Royal fern - sori and sporangia
Royal fern - sori and sporangia
Powdery mildew (sawadaea) on Norway maple
Powdery mildew (sawadaea) on Norway maple
Hazelnut (corylus)
Hazelnut (corylus) Transmitted light brightfield, zoom 5.0x
High brightness LED - chip
High brightness LED - chip
Microfluid device
Microfluid device
Printed circuit board
Printed circuit board


ZEISS Stemi 508

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ZEISS Stemi 508

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