ZEISS Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox

Better image quality, higher throughput

The Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox is an innovative platform on your ZEISS Xradia 3D X-ray microscope (XRM) or microCT for accessing advanced reconstruction technologies. Unique modules leverage deep understanding of both X-ray physics and customer applications to solve some of the hardest imaging challenges in new and innovative ways.

Here is what you can find about this latest technical advancement in Xradia technology:

With the Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox, you are able to:

  • Improve data collection and analysis for accurate and faster decision-making
  • Greatly enhance image quality
  • Achieve superior interior tomography or throughput on a broad class of samples
  • Reveal subtle difference through improved contrast-to-noise
  • Increase speed at an order of magnitude for sample classes requiring repetitive workflow

These optional modules are workstation-based solutions for easy access and usability:  

  • OptiRecon
  • DeepRecon

ZEISS OptiRecon

Similar results, 4x faster

ZEISS OptiRecon is an implementation of iterative reconstruction that greatly increases acquisition throughput, while optimizing image quality.
ZEISS OptiRecon allows you to achieve good image quality with about one quarter of the data acquisition time for many samples typically found in the academic and industrial energy, engineering, natural resources, biological, semiconductor, manufacturing, and electronics research fields.

OptiRecon 4X Throughput for Battery Research
OptiRecon 4X Throughput for Battery Research
Mobile phone camera module demonstrating 4X throughput improvement with comparable image quality
Mobile phone camera module demonstrating 4X throughput improvement with comparable image quality

Slide right to left to compare:

Standard Reconstruction #300Zoom OptiRecon #300Zoom
Standard Reconstruction

Application Examples

4X Throughput for Mining Powder

Flexibility for Rock Exploration 
– Image Quality vs. Throughput

4X Throughput for Battery Research

Flexibility for Battery Research
– Image Quality vs. Throughput

2X Throughput for 2.5D Semiconductor Package (50 mm x 75 mm)

Improved Image Quality for 2.5D Semiconductor Package (50 mm x 75) 

2X Throughput for Semiconductor Package

Improved Image Quality for Semiconductor Package

ZEISS DeepRecon

Imaging throughput up to 10X faster for repetitive samples

ZEISS DeepRecon for ZEISS Xradia X-ray systems is the first commercially available deep learning reconstruction technology. It enables you to increase throughput by an order of magnitude (up to 10X), without sacrificing novel XRM resolution at a distance, for repetitive workflow applications. DeepRecon uniquely harvests the hidden opportunities in big data generated by your Xradia platform and provides significant AI-driven speed or image quality improvement.

DeepRecon for Repetitive Workflows – 9X Throughput for Geo Science Exploration
DeepRecon for Repetitive Workflows – 9X Throughput for Geo Science Exploration
Use of AI to Advance Reconstruction Technology

Super-charging 3D X-ray Imaging

Wiley Webinar

One of the principal challenges when applying X-ray microscopy to solve academic and industrial problems is a compromise one needs to make between imaging throughput and image quality. High resolution 3D X-ray microtomography acquisition times can be on the order of several hours, which can lead to challenging return-on-investment (ROI) calculations when weighing the relative advantage of high accuracy 3D analysis with cheaper, less capable analytical techniques.

To tackle this issue, optimization of each step in the production of actionable information from these microscopes is required. For 3D X-ray microtomography, these steps typically consist of sample mounting, scan setup, 2D-projection image acquisition, 2D to 3D image reconstruction, image post-processing and segmentation, and final analysis.

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