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Xradia Versa Upgrades for an Increased Life Time and Extended Functionality

Upgrades for ZEISS Xradia Versa MicroscopyGet more information about analysis and software modules for ZEISS Versa MicroscopyIncrease your instrument performance and capabilities by upgrading to the next model.Extend the capabilities of your system with add-ons and modules.Upgrade your microscope with additional accessories such as sample holders, filters and calibration tools for ZEISS Versa Microscopy.Discover add-on integrated tensile testing solutions for in situ X-ray applications.

Other Upgrades


Upgrade your microscope with additional accessories such as sample holders, CT scaling Phantoms, and additional X-ray filters to enhance your Xradia Versa capability.

Sample Holders

Securely mount a broad range of sample sizes and types by choosing from a suite of sample holders designed by ZEISS.

ZEISS sample holders are designed with kinematic principles in mind for accurate and repeatable placement on the sample stage. Each design offers unique gripping techniques to accommodate your sample properly for imaging. In addition, the designs are proven for X-ray imaging stability. Specify whether your mount is for standard use or to be compatible with the Autoloader.


  • Support stable mechanical and thermal mounting techniques
  • Easy on/off exchange
  • Automatic presence sensing (Autoloader compatible)


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CT Scaling Phantoms and Filter Options

Customize your X-ray spectrum to meet your imaging application needs and correlate your grayscale data against appropriate Hounsfield units

Ensure that your data is properly calibrated to Hounsfield units, in which air and water have values of 0 and 100, by using the ZEISS CT Scaling Phantom. Extend your range of low-energy and high-energy filters by exploring the additional filter options offered by ZEISS for higher energy filtering requirements and applications such as metallurgy.


  • Calibrate your grayscale data accurately
  • Benefit from a reduction of beam hardening artifacts
  • Improved transmission on dense or larger materials
  • Experience higher magnification

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Analysis & Software

Enhance the user experience and the depths of your analysis workflow using advanced hardware and computational software available through ZEISS.

Analysis Workstation - Versa

The ZEISS secondary workstation is configured and proven for visualization and computational performance, as well as data storage reliability.

In order to maintain instrument uptime for imaging, many prefer streamlining their workflow via a secondary analysis workstation. The secondary workstation supports additional studies optimizing reconstruction, navigating and visualizing datasets, and post-processing results.


  • Maximize imaging uptime
  • Improve results throughput
  • Supports advanced visualization and analysis software packages
  • Extends data storage reliably

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ORS Dragonfly Pro

Easy to use, advanced analysis and visualization software solution for your 3D data acquired by a variety of technologies for X-ray

Available exclusively through ZEISS, ORS Dragonfly Pro offers an intuitive, complete, and customizable toolkit for visualization and analysis of large 3D grayscale data. Dragonfly Pro allows for navigation, annotation, creation of media files, including video production, of your 3D data. Perform image processing, segmentation, and object analysis to quantify your results.


  • High definition graphics rendering
  • Create rich 3D videos
  • Object analysis
  • Machine learning segmentation
  • Macro recording for repetitive workflows
  • Python customization software packages

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In situ Upgrades

Discover add-on integrated tensile testing solutions for in situ X-ray applications.

In situ – Deben Stages

ZEISS offers a suite of multiple custom testing stages to be used within a Versa X-ray system for in situ imaging.

A modular tensile & compression testing system can be installed within the Versa system to achieve clear visual interpretation of how the properties of materials and composites change under different loading conditions.


  • Integrated in situ recipe control for Deben stages
  • In situ interface kit option


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In situ Interface Kit

The In situ Interface Kit for Xradia Versa will optimize your set-up and operation, providing you with the results you're looking for faster and with a higher ease of operation.

Experience the highest level of stability, flexibility and controlled integration of several types of in-situ devices on the Xradia Versa, which benefit from an optical architecture that takes into account resolution in variable environmental conditions. Perform in situ and 4D (time dependent studies) to understand the impact of heating, cooling, wetting, tension, tensile compression, drainage and other simulated environmental studies.


  • Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) enables superior in situ imaging
  • Custom in situ flow interface kit by special order


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Modules & Components

Extend the capabilities of your system with add-ons and modules.


Unlock grain structure and crystallographic information from within your lab.

Achieve direct visualization of 3D crystallographic grain orientation and morphology in a non-destructive tomography environment with the LabDCT advanced imaging module powered with GrainMapper3D software by Xnovo Technology. Achieve enhanced understanding of the fundamental materials science behind these processes with microscopic imaging features in three dimensions.


  • Acquire and reconstruct crystallographic information
  • Direct 3D visualization of grain orientation and morphology
  • Non-destructive grain structure information

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Increase efficiency of sample handling and repetitive measurements by using the ZEISS Autoloader.

By adding the Autoloader to your configuration, you can set-up queues of imaging jobs across a shift or over a weekend. Receive automatic notification of job completion. Minimize user interaction in your research or industrial laboratory, industrial process development, service laboratory, or university central imaging laboratory.


  • Achieve precise and repeatable sample measurements
  • Flexible sample handing for multiple sample types
  • Automate measurements setup

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FPX (Flat Panel Extension)

Enhance imaging flexibility for even larger samples with high throughput at ZEISS best-in-class image quality.

Image large samples and create workflow effeciencies with FPX for industrial and academic research. Rapidly scout large areas to identify a desired region of interest (ROI). Combine FPX with Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) with Versa 520 and benefit further from high resolution imaging for a variety of samples.


  • Image large samples with best-in-class quality
  • High resolution images for zoomed in ROIs
  • Full FOV for 5inch diameter samples with high throughput

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System Upgrades

Increase your instrument performance and capabilities by upgrading to the next model.

Xradia 500/510 Versa to Xradia 520 Versa

Upgrade to ultimate versatility

The ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscope unlocks new degrees of flexibility for your scientific discovery. Building on industry’s best resolution and contrast, Xradia 520 Versa expands the boundaries of non-destructive imaging for break¬through flexibility and discernment critical to your research.


  • Attain down to sub-micron resolution
  • Advanced phase contrast techniques for image enhancements
  • Non-destructive characterization in-situ and in 4D

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